SpaceX: Elon Musk’s rocket collides with the moon

Elon Musk’s space agency is on the verge of launching a rocket into the moon.

Driving force Hawk 9 It was launched in 2015, but did not have enough fuel to return to Earth after completing its mission, so it was in space.

Astronomer Jonathan McDowell told the BBC Rocket’s first uncontrolled collision with the moon. However, he assured that the consequences would be small.

There was the rocket Abandoned in high orbit seven years ago After completing the task of sending a space meteorological satellite on a journey of 1.6 million kilometers. It was part of Muskin’s space exploration program. SpaceX, A commercial enterprise aimed at ultimately humans living on other planets.

Since 2015, The rocket was attracted by the different gravitational forces of the earth, moon and sun. It does Your path is somewhat “confusing”, Explained McDowell, a professor at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astronomy in the United States. He added: “It died following the laws of gravity.”

This time it was joined by millions of other space debris; Machines were disposed of in space without enough energy to return to Earth. “It could be decades We completely lost 50 big items. It may have happened many times before, but we did not realize it. This is the first confirmed case, “said McDowell.

Journalist Eric Berger identified the planned destruction of the Falcon 9 on the space website Ars Technica And data analyst Bill Gray on his blog.

Space X aims for humans to live on other planets.
Space X aims for humans to live on other planets.

The clash is scheduled for March 4, When the rocket explodes in contact. This will leave a small artificial abyss on the surface of the moon. “It’s basically a four tonne empty metal tank, with a rocket motor in the back. So, if you imagine it blowing on a rock at 5,000 miles (8,000 km / h), it would not be a happy thing,” McDowell said.

Gray, who uses software to monitor space objects close to Earth, estimates that it flew closer on January 5 and that March 4 will hit the far side of the moon.

History of collision with the moon

In 2009, McDowell and other astronomers conducted an experiment The same size rocket fell on the moon. The sensors collected evidence of the collision to study the abyss, so according to McDowell, it was not possible for scientists to learn anything new from the crash.

However the scientist added Space debris has no effect now They stumble and occasionally crash, May be in the future. “If we go to the future where there are cities and sites on the moon, we want to know what’s there. It’s much easier to organize when there’s slow traffic in space than to wait for trouble to occur.”

What will happen until March 4? Before the rocket hits the moon and ends its days, it will continue under the laws of gravity and travel in space.

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