Space traveler Yusaku Masawa recorded an incredible time on the ISS

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Japanese billionaire last week Yusaku Mesawa Arrived at the International Space Station, There you will enjoy its views for 12 days. You can not expect a great contribution to humanity from you Station, because it is only there because a The biggest The amount of money possible Do it, but at least it has left us with the wonderful deadline of the ISS in motion.

“It’s not It is a complete orbit around the earth. StartlingThe businessman wrote on his Twitter.

Masawa arrived at the ISS in a Soyuz capsule with his production assistant. Yoso Hirano, And Russian astronaut and mission commander Alexander Misurkin. On the side They They went too Than in the capsule 160 Kg Loading, Where they were added Food, material for testing Personal supplies for station scientists and some living astronauts Porto of the ISS.

Ever since you came to the station, Hirano has been recording eventsFrom your employer, who Shows How sure from his YouTube channel Daily tasks Space.

They say money cannot buy everything, but what is on the rise Clear, Who invented that This phrase refers to ordinary people.

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