Sony 14 Introduces PlayStation 5’s Global Giveaway: How to Participate

Since the introduction of its most recent console, The PlayStation 5As a result of the epidemic’s impact on the global distribution chain, Sony has had trouble meeting demand, delaying the availability of certain components needed for its production.

In this case, the Japanese company a He will give 14 consoles For users around the world, its steps are given below.

According to the company, From Tuesday they started launching codes through different channelsIt appears on both the official PlayStation social networks and gaming events as well as games, music and movies.

The challenge for fans who want to beat the PS5 is to carefully follow the company’s movements on different platforms, fishing for symbols.

If you get one, you will need to sign in next step The official site of the brand And go to the section “Treatment codes”After entering the relevant code and answering a question, the user will participate in the draw.

Provides an opportunity for the console to detect each code and upload it to the page. That is, each equals 14 chances of beating the PS5.

Where do the codes appear?

Codes have until March 7 to load, and although they do not specify what kind of events they will appear in, they can be found in game announcements, trailers and everything related to the untitled movie.

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