Sonic’s parents strengthen their commitment to blockchain with trademarks registered in Japan

The company was cautious in technology after negative reactions from players.

SEGA is living A complex relationship with NFTsThe company was initially interested in blockchain technology The idea is to start selling NFT’s most popular classic sagas, Through a partnership with Double Jump Tokyo Inc.. The condition observed until a few days ago.

We have been able to see for the past few months Rising wave of rejection from gamers Towards studio proposals to add blockchain technology to their games Significant cases like STALKER 2, Where to study Was forced to leave Behind the goal of joining the NFT and the arrival of the Metahumans to the shooter.

Logos registered by SEGALogos registered by SEGA

Ubisoft is one of the companies most interested in using this controversial technology Ubisoft was forced to withdraw its quartz introductory trailer, Its digital asset transfer platform, front Poor reception to players. In this situation, Sega stays alert with the NFTs and opens the door accordingly Rethink your bet on blockchain.

Trademarks were registered in December 2021“There have been a number of announcements about this, including overseas, but Now there are users who are showing negative reactions“, Haruki Satomi, CEO of SEGA explained. However, this latest suspicion clashes with plans that the company implemented a month ago. Eurocomer, Would have been SEGA Laying administrative foundations If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself New trademark At the Japan Patent Office.

Registration It happened last December Presents two trademarks directly related to this technology: SEGA NFT Y Sega Classics NFT Collection, With some of their paintings Two icons. SEGA looks at what its cost-effective plans will be Encourage the development of internationally interested games with a new studio in Japan.

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