Solar storm today: what time it is and how it affects it

In the coming days the planet Earth will face the effects of the solar storm. I know what it is and what its consequences are.

Solar storm

Over the next few hours, The Earth is preparing to fall victim to the “disturbed cycle of the sun’s activity.”According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Forecast Center and the British Meteorological Office. Find out what it is.

Solar Storm 2022: What it is

This was announced by the company monitoring the situation, he said “Sunspots and burns mean more and more stable”. So, if the ‘bombs’ that the sun is hitting now are headed towards Earth, their effects will be felt here in the form of solar storms.


This may occur over the next few days because solar activity is “expected to be somewhat unstable over the next few days, with mild and moderate geomagnetic storms.”

Solar Storm 2022: How It Affects Earth

Solar storms are very common. The main effect of these events is the appearance of northern lights.It can be seen at extraordinary heights. At higher latitudes there may be minor malfunctions in radio signals or power grids, However these solar storms cannot have direct effects on life. When, Some satellites need to change their orbit to avoid possible damage.

In these casesThe intense magnetic activity of the sun causes violent explosions of plasma, which travel at incredible speeds in space..

However, solar storms are not a concern for our planet because it has a natural defense: the magnetic field. Thus, the northern lights are the stylized effect of the deformation of this shield when exposed to these energetic particles.

Photo: e. Gibson / MBI / Getty Images

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