December 1, 2021

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So you can send a message through WhatsApp without the “Forward” label appearing

Learn how to forward a message on WhatsApp without getting the forward tag. (Photo: 20 minutes)

Share It is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications on devices IPhone And Android. However, despite its popularity, the site contains secret tricks unknown to most of its users. One of these methods allows you to hide the “Forward” label when forwarding a message, photo or video.

WhatsApp’s forwarding feature is a convenient way to capture and share a message or photo sent to you with others. But when you do, a message will come to the other that it is a forwarded message.

This works when you want to share audios or pictures and other multimedia files, and when someone sends them to you, WhatsApp will show that you sent them to another person or group.

Next, we will teach you how to forward a WhatsApp message without displaying the “Forwarded” tag so that no one else will know that you clicked forward.

Message sent on WhatsApp.  (Photo: Unocero)
Message sent on WhatsApp. (Photo: Unocero)

Steps to send a message on WhatsApp without the “Forward” label

1. The first thing to do is go to the conversation Hold your finger to select the location of the item you want to share. On iOS It’s a little different, you just have to click on it to open it.

2. Once the item is selected, Click the Share option instead of Sharing. This will be one of the options you have Android In the upper right. on iOS, The sharing option is in another location, you need to insert the item by clicking on it to see it.

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3. When the partition menu opens, it does not matter if it is on Android or iOS because in both cases you can select it by apps. Here, Select the option that indicates whether you want to share content on WhatsApp. You can do this without any problem even if you already have content on WhatsApp.

4. You will access the menu “send”. In this section, Select the chats or groups for which you want to share the item, Which can only be in one or more conversations, once you have selected them, click the Send button.

5. You will go to an intermediate point to edit the item you are sharing or add a written message, Then confirm by pressing the submit button again.

You can understand how this works It looks like you are sending this image or something coming directly from your mobile so it does not appear with the forwarded label.

WhatsApp logo.  (Photo:
WhatsApp logo. (Photo:

How do I know if a person has registered me on their contact list

If the application has something to upgrade, it is in virtual security, which is often compromised by the simple collection of data and information because it is so easy to communicate with another person without the need for this instant messaging site. Count with a filter. This notification tells you how to find out who has saved you in their contact list or whether you are logged into their mobile apps.

WhatsApp will let you know who has stored your number.  Find out how.  (Photo: Noticiros Televisa)
WhatsApp will let you know who has stored your number. Find out how. (Photo: Noticiros Televisa)

First, you need to create one New broadcast list.

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In second place, Send a message to any contact With this list.

Third, we have to wait Recipients open and read the message.

Fourthly, long press on the message you sent, and then click on the ” option.Information ‘ When the menu appears.

Fifth and last place, WhatsApp will show the phones of those who received and read the message. Additionally, here you can find out if a person’s contact number is on the agenda, even if we do not include it.

Create a distribution list on WhatsApp.  (Photo: Apple Fan)
Create a distribution list on WhatsApp. (Photo: Apple Fan)

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