Sneako, an Additional Andrew Tate Imitator, is Also Banned From Youtube.

The cultural blaze that Andrew Tate stoked has been extinguished. Since he was kicked off of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, nobody really talks about him anymore. There aren’t many people out there who desire to become “Top Gs.” After only a few short months, Tate has lost much of the influence that he once possessed.

Over the course of time, his followers will either mature into adulthood or migrate to one of the million other cringelords doing the same thing. His name will eventually be reduced to an annoying meme, and people will move on.

Nevertheless, there is one location that Tate’s supporters will no longer visit. And that concludes our tour of Nico Kenn De Ballinthazy, better known by his stage name, Sneako’s YouTube accounts. This is due to the fact that individual X has recently been expelled from the platform as well.

You read that correctly; you are no longer need to visit Sneako’s YouTube channels in order to suffer through films such as “Why Ugly Girls Think They’re Beautiful.” You should not have to go through How Women Manipulate Men either.

In an email to Sneako, YouTube claimed, “We have examined your video and identified severe or repetitive violations of our Community Guidelines.” “As a direct result of this, we have decided to remove your channel from YouTube.”

Because Sneako did in fact breach the terms of service for YouTube, this will ultimately work out for the best. A few months ago, Sneako acted out a scenario in which he would rape a female content creator with whom he disagrees. This was all caught on video.

Despite this, while it is commendable that YouTube banned both Tate and Sneako from its site, the company needs to move more quickly when deplatforming users who engage in malicious behaviour. Bloomberg reports that Tate was only banned from YouTube after Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter had all taken action against him.

Sneako, an Additional Andrew Tate Imitator, is Also Banned From Youtube

In addition to this, on September 1st, a YouTuber by the name of Nick Green demanded that Sneako be banned from the platform. Green brought up the fact that Sneako had acted as if he was about to rape a woman in a video.

According to what Green had to say about the matter, “Sneako has blatantly broken YouTube’s rules of service and is eligible to be removed from the Internet.”

This indicates that it took YouTube more than a month to remove Sneako from its service after it was reported. One month of people subscribing to his material and having his videos appear in their recommended feeds. One month of people watching his videos. Because of this decision, Sneako was able to continue having an audience for more than thirty more days.

In addition, Sneako may be found streaming video games on Twitch. And despite the fact that he may not have broken any of the rules of this website, he has frequently shown that he is capable of engaging in horrific behaviour online. The tale of Sneako’s content may not be ended just yet, which is quite unfortunate.

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