Sirius The Jaeger Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Be in the Cast of Season 2?

The Japanese animation studio P.A. Works makes the show Sirius the Jaeger. Even though the show is called a “Original,” it was not made by Netflix. Instead, the international licensee is responsible.

Since the show isn’t based on any known manga, it doesn’t have anything to go on. Sirius the Jaeger is a book by Keigo Koyanagi. Besides Angel Beats and Under the Dog, he has also written other books. If there are more seasons of the show, he might have to help make more of the story.

In this story, which takes place in the 1930s, a group of people called Jaegers try to stop vampires from getting the Ark of Sirius. Using their shipping company as a cover, they go looking for answers all over the world.

The last person from the Sirius clan, Yuliy, is with the Jaegers. Yuily wants nothing more than to make the world a peaceful place. He wants revenge because his clan and family were killed.

The Recap of Sirius the Jaeger Season 1

In the 1930s, vampires who were being chased by “Jaegers” ran away to Japan. They were carrying music instruments to show that they worked for the V Shipping Company. There was a young “Sirius” named Yuliy who was a werewolf and was also a Jaeger.

Vampires had destroyed his home town, and he was determined to get revenge for the deaths of his family and make the world safe again.

In the past, an oracle chose a member of the royal family to be God’s representative and take care of “The Ark of Sirius,” a mysterious holy relic that is said to be the source of holy power beyond imagination.

The vampires tried to get this mysterious and powerful power by killing everyone in Sirius’s village, but they failed. Yuliy was the only one who made it out alive, and she was the one who brought peace to the world.

What Can We Expect From Season 2 of Sirius the Jaeger?

The vampire Yevgraf gave Yuily the Ark of Sirius, but Yuily was able to get it back. Yuily doesn’t want to hide what the Ark can do. Instead, he wants to honour his father’s dream of sharing the power of the Ark with all the different races on earth, even vampires.

Now that the world’s powers know Yuily has the power of the Ark, they will try to find him and take the Ark for themselves. Now that Yevgraf is dead, it’s not clear what the vampires want to do.

Elder Vampires might want to use the power of the Ark for themselves, but if Yuily is willing to share its power, they might be willing to help him. Yevgraf was killed by the power of the Ark, and the same thing could happen to Yuily. The V Shipping Company will have to kill Yuily if it takes over his power.

Sirius the Jaeger Season 2 Release Date

Officially, P.A. Works hasn’t said when the game will be out, but we can guess. Each episode aired six months after it was made, and it will take even longer to make and send out a full season with 12 episodes like they did before.

Since the season ended two years ago, I hope they’ve been keeping busy getting ready for the next one. But it might take an extra two years to come out in Japan and a few more weeks to get a dubbed version for the rest of the world. I think it will be released in the fall of 2022.

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What Is the Plot of Sirius the Jaeger Season 2?

Yevgraf, the vampire, let Yuily take the Ark of Sirius from him. Yuily would rather keep the Ark’s existence a secret than do what his father wanted, which was for all races on Earth, even vampires, to be able to use its power. When the most powerful people in the world find out that Yuily controls the Ark, they will try to find him and take it for themselves.

It’s not clear what the Vampires will do now that Yevgraf is dead. Yuily might be able to get the Elder Vampires to help him if he is willing to share the power of the Ark with them, but they might want to keep it for themselves. Because of the power of the Ark, both Yevgraf and Yuily will die. The V Shipping Company will have to get rid of Yuily if he gives in to the pressure.

Sirius the Jaeger Season 2 Trailer

We have not yet seen the first episode of the second season. Season 1 is on Netflix, if you’re interested. The first season’s trailer is in the article, so check it out and then let us know if you liked the show.

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