Section 2’s next season is late, but Ubisoft promises to let us know about it every month

It will be the most ambitious update in the game, and the team needs more time to realize its vision.

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Ubisoft recently announced Delay Next season Section 2. After doing the math, the development team will need extra time to complete their work, and we still enjoy this update February 2022.

The new season will last until February 2022The news came A post on the official Ubisoft site, In addition to the above, Development Committee Massive entertainment He also took the opportunity to update the community on the future of the topic.

“We firmly believe that this content will give our players an amazing experience,” the statement said. “That, too, should ensure that everything is parallel to us ViewWe decided to move the season, game mode and the rest of the related content to February 2022.

Section 2

Despite the delay, Section 2 will continue to receive support. In addition, Ubisoft will publish Monthly Articles, Describes all changes that may occur on the expected date. “The first chapter will be about change Special, And is making its debut this Thursday “.

This content will give our players an exciting experienceSection 2 TeamWhen season 7 ends in December, Section 2 a Special show This will help re-introduce the community’s favorite global events, and there will be new rewards. Details will be revealed in the coming months, and in January, Ubisoft will explain everything in detail about the next season.

2022 will be a strong start for Section 2, and the developers do not plan to stop there because the company’s new plans won’t even stop there. The game gets content at least until 2023.

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