When Will Netflix Release the Fourth Season of Scissor Seven?

Scissor Seven is a Chinese animated television series that is available for streaming. Scissor Seven was the title of the film that was available on Netflix. The reveal of a cinematic sequel to the series was made at the conclusion of the third season’s final episode. In recent years, the Chinese anime series ‘Scissor Seven’ (also known as Killer 7) has gained widespread attention for its comical take on the traditionally dismal assassin story.
A hairstylist with amnesia who dreams of becoming an assassin is the central character of the anime series Seven. His lack of competence for the fairly complicated professional choice he makes regularly results in hilarious scenarios for everyone involved.

Three seasons of the anime have already been shown, and a film adaptation of the series is in development. The question now is whether or not the anime will be renewed for a second season in the future. Here’s what we know thus far about the situation.

Scissor Seven Season 4

So, Who Would be Among the Cast of a Possible Fourth Season of Scissor Seven?

In the English dub of the show, Ronny Chieng plays the role of aspirant assassin Seven, who is performed by a comedian and actor. The actor and comedian has appeared in films such as Godzilla vs. Kong and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, among others, and has been a reporter on The Daily Show since 2015.

Jas Patrick, who voiced Dai Bo in the anime Genshin Impact, is also expected to return as the blue chicken’s best friend, while Jill Bartlett, who voiced Xiao Fei in the animated series American Dad, completes the cast as the flying chicken Xiao Fei.

Jennie Kwan (The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf), Karen Huie (Ghost of Tsushima), and Lawrence Saint-Victor (The Bold and the Beautiful) are all expected to return in their respective roles as Thirteen, Chairman Jiang, and Mad Bark.

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In ‘Scissor Seven,’ Season 4, What is the Storyline all About?

In contrast to Japanese animation, the film ‘Scissor Seven’ is not based on a manga series. Because of this, predicting what will happen next is more difficult, especially given the fact that a movie is being produced. There have been reports that the new film will be a prequel to the first film. In that case, the storyline for season 4 will most likely continue from where it left off in the previous season. However, if the film is not a prequel, as has been speculated, it will have an impact on the storyline for season 4.

The third season of ‘Scissor Seven’ ended on a cliffhanger, and the fourth season will be no different. Following his exposure to the black ice poison, Seven is gradually losing his recollections of his time on Chicken Farm with his pals.

Manjusaka and Shimen continue to pose a significant threat to Seven and Thirteen, and we anticipate another attack in the near future.

Scissor Seven Season 4


Unfortunately, neither the Chinese producers nor the international television partners have provided a specific release date for Scissor Seven season 4 at this time.

The series premiered in China in April 2018, and it will return for season 2 in October 2019 and season 3 in January 2021, respectively. According to director Xiaofeng’s comments about the ten planned seasons and the 20-year time span, the series could return to China as early as Spring 2022, according to the latest information.

Production on the fourth television season, on the other hand, will most certainly be delayed due to the upcoming release of an anime film (see below for more information).

In the past, Netflix has released Scissor Seven between four and six months after the original broadcast has completed in China, so international fans may have to wait a little longer for season 4.

Scissor Seven season 4 will launch in China in Q3 2022 following the release of the film, with the series returning to Netflix in late December 2022 or early 2023, according to HITC predictions.

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On What Date Will Scissor Seven Season 4 be Released on Netflix?

However, despite the fact that the anime is about to be renewed for a fourth season, we will have to wait a bit before it becomes available on Netflix. The anime will only be available for viewing on the streaming site once it has been broadcast in China. There will be a minimum of an eighteen-month gap between seasons before they are made available on the streaming service. In accordance with these schedules, the fourth season of Scissor Seven will most likely be released on DVD in China in mid-late 2022 and will be available for streaming on Netflix in the United States by 2023.

In any case, it is worth noting that, at the conclusion of the third season, the news was made that a Scissor Seven feature picture was now in development and would be released in 2022. It is possible that the development and release date of Scissor Seven Season 4 will be delayed as a result of the film. Consequently, it’s feasible that it will be available on Netflix by 2024 at the earliest.

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Is There a Scissor Seven Season 4 Trailer Available to Watch?

Season four of Scissor Seven hasn’t even been announced yet, which means there won’t be a trailer for quite some time. When a new trailer is released, we’ll post it here as soon as it becomes available. In the meanwhile, enjoy the hilariously offbeat and action-packed trailer for season three.

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