Sarah Jessica Parker Recently Rocked the Most Controversial Shoe Trend!

When Sarah Jessica Parker walks out the door, you know it’s going to be a fashion moment. She makes the streets her catwalk, whether it’s a bridal gown combined with a turquoise bird (as any “Sex and the City” fan would know) or a cozy-girl ‘fit paired with a wide-brim hat. SJP, on the other hand, recently turned heads in a confusing ensemble that none of us saw coming.

On February 2, the actress was spotted filming season two of “And Just Like That…” in an enthusiastic print-filled costume.

She wore a thin blue shirt under a striped cardigan, atop a pastel pink coat, defying fashion’s no-print-mixing rule, which I adore.

At first sight, I mistook SJP for Carrie Bradshaw, but then I remembered her characteristic style from the 1990s. The TV persona was full of mismatched designs and made style statement after style statement. So it seems to reason that her character would do the same.

Who knew SJP/Carrie Bradshaw’s outlandish outfit would be exactly what I needed to do this print hack for myself?

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But the ‘fit’ becomes even more peculiar. Sarah Jessica Parker accessorized with the “ugly” shoes she’s been obsessed with since 1993. Gucci’s comfortable low-heel clogs feature a pull-front tab, gold buckles, and a blue design.

Clogs have recently gained popularity, with celebrities ranging from Jennifer Garner to Bella Hadid wearing them. While they are unquestionably a controversial shoe of choice, there is no denying their functional appeal.

Shop the patterned coats and controversial shoes below to channel Sarah Jessica Parker (or possibly Carrie Bradshaw). You’ll create an unforgettable fashion statement in the greatest way imaginable.

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