Sandisk Clip Jam MP3 Player (2022 Updates)!

MP3 players are steadily being phased out in favor of smartphones, but if you find yourself in the unusual scenario of requiring one, the fact that they are nearly extinct means that their costs are significantly cheaper. The basic SanDisk Clip Jam is enticingly inexpensive, making it a worthwhile purchase even if you only intend to use it at the gym.

To be had for $40 or £30 in the UK (which equates to around $A54 in Australia), this ultra-lightweight music player comes with an integrated clip, as well as a no-frills digital screen for quick browsing. It is compatible with both Windows computers and Mac computers.

If you want to utilize your wireless headphones or speakers, you won’t be able to do so since the Clip Jam lacks the Bluetooth technology present in the Apple iPod Nano. And, despite its small size, it is not as stylish as the iPod Shuffle, but it is far less expensive than both Apple music players.

Additionally, the SanDisk MP3 player includes a feature that has never been available on an Apple iPod before: a microSD card expansion port. You may use this to expand the 8GB of built-in storage on the device to a total of 64GB. Even while it isn’t an unlimited cloud of streaming music, it has much more storage than the Shuffle (2GB) and Nano (16GB) models.

Sandisk Clip Jam MP3 Player (2022 Updates)!

The best part is that you don’t have to use iTunes to transfer your music; you can just drag and drop your music files into the appropriate folder. (When the Clip Jam is attached to your Mac or Windows PC, it appears as an external disc on your computer.) The Clip Jam’s sound quality is adequate; unless you’re an audiophile, you won’t notice a difference between listening to this and listening to an iPod.

Although it cannot compete with more costly high-resolution music players, the Clip Jam sounds good. Along with MP3 files, it is also compatible with WMA, WAV, and AAC files, such as those purchased from iTunes or Amazon. While this method may work with some subscription music services, it will not work with any older copy-protected iTunes purchases made before 2007.

It is comparable to the iPod Shuffle, which has a similar design, because of the built-in clip that securely holds it in place while you are out running. However, except for the fact that they both feature a battery (the Clip Jam’s battery life was around 20 hours in the CNET Labs battery test, similar to the Shuffle), they don’t have anything in common.

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The Shuffle does not have a screen to let you select what you wish to listen to. However, the SanDisk Clip Jam features a low-resolution screen that allows you to listen to FM radio stations and browse through all of your music, podcasts, and Audible audiobooks as well as the contents of the aforementioned microSD card expansion slot on the device.

Unfortunately, the SanDisk Clip Jam is a victim of the times because it does not support Wi-Fi or streaming music integration. A growing number of individuals are opting for streaming music services such as Spotify or Apple Music rather than downloading individual songs or entire albums.

The SanDisk MP3 player appears to be out of date if it does not include this feature. In the event that this isn’t a worry, or if you simply want to load a few of your favorite songs that you’ve already downloaded to create the perfect running playlist, the SanDisk Clip Jam is an economical and user-friendly alternative to the iPod Shuffle.

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