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A security statement Samsung“Target =” _ blank “> SamsungThat has been revealed by the giant electronics and information technology company Nearly a hundred million cell phones were sold with major security vulnerabilities, which weakens the devices Was able to allow hackers to access users’ personal and sensitive information. However, the company says these difficulties can already be solved.

This is supported by a document prepared by a team of researchers from the University of Tel Aviv, according to a report by the specialty site SamMobile. According to the survey, millions of defective devices were distributed between 2017 and 2021, The most popular models like this stand out Samsung-Galaxy-S21-20201227-0023.html “target =” _ blank “> Samsung Galaxy S21. In these ways, they point out that this security problem has not been noticed in the last five years, i.e. many information has been exposed during this time.

Conflicts are centered on implementation Samsung Of the TrustZone operating system running parallel to Android on your mobile phones.

Using a series of reverse engineering techniques and analytics of the coding structure of Samsung’s Trustzone process, researchers at the University of Tel Aviv have tested the possibility of three attack techniques that could reveal cryptographic information on smartphones.

Beyond the Galaxy S21, problems were found with the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 models.. Experts concluded that they had brought this vulnerability from the factory and that this may have happened because cryptographic keys were not stored properly, which would allow hackers to infiltrate devices and extract information stored on phones.

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SamsungGlobal technology legend.

How To Prevent My Phone From Being Hacked Samsung Galaxy?

The SamMobile site had access to the report and noted that so far there is no record of cybercriminals using this vulnerability. In fact, the researchers were aware of this problem.

With the security link released in early 2022, all vulnerable devices will no longer be affected by this critical flaw.

To avoid any harm to the privacy and information of the phones, Samsung users who own some of these smartphones should make sure that they have the latest Android security connection and press the software update button.

Since 2012, Samsung Globally, the mobile phone market is dominated by 27% of the market, followed by US Microsoft Mobile (11.6%) and American Apple 10.8%. Samsung It also dominates the Android operating system in 63.3% of the market.

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