June 28, 2022

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has a new special edition that you can not buy

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics already have their official smartphone, which this time is Samsung’s Star Fold with exclusive and highly defined design.

Of course The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 2021 was the big surprise and huge success of the South Korean giant, and it was new before the fall of the Galaxy Note Flip It is considered to be the most interesting folding smartphone for the general public and of course the most interesting mobile Fashion Of industry.

Probably because of this, and in 2021 though The Samsung Galaxy S21 was selected for the Olympics, This time Samsung wanted to spice up its sponsorship Beijing Introduces Z Flip3 as the Official Device for the 2022 Winter Olympics, This special and highly limited edition, only available in China as its companions expected Android Police.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Oxyzorios

Probably the most ‘fashion’ mobile in the market, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was also Samsung’s star in 2021.

Apparently there are no hardware changes in the terminal, which is only aesthetically modifiable To commemorate the celebration of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing With new design in tone Winter dream white With gold touches In metal frame and hinges, how could it be on the official mobile of the Olympics.

Will be the tone of In contrast to the black of the windshield There are 1.9-inch secondary screens and cameras, and of course the rear has more details Samsung logos and the 2022 Beijing Olympics, Will be displayed as you see in the following gallery:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Winter Olympic Games Edition

The Galaxy Z Flip3 is decorated in this new ‘Winter Dream White’ hue for the Winter Olympics, in addition to the Beijing 2022 logos and cosmetics in a UI, with gold and black variants for the windshield.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Analysis: Folding mobile for ordinary people

Is also in Samsung Restored a UI to fit the style This Winter Olympic Games Edition Of the Galaxy Z Flip3, we can find out New wallpapers, exclusive color palettes, themes, New watch styles with icons and Olympic inspiration.

The differences for a mobile end here, which will basically redo the operating system Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, Its 6.7-inch folding screen and memory configuration 8GB RAM and 256GB storage Can not be expanded.

The Dual 12 megapixel cameras 10 MP front sensor with AI and single capture, side fingerprint reader, 3,300 mAh battery and Construction The shield is aluminum IPx8 certified Samsung is very proud of Unbaked 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Winter Olympic Games Edition

Advertising Advertising for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Winter Olympic Games Edition.

The limited edition, which offers about 1,114 euros at the current exchange rate, is only available in China for participants or the general public.

This new special edition will be much less expensive and will be offered in honor of participants in the 2022 Winter Olympics. Only available to the general public in China, Starting next January 15, at the time of conversion at 7,999 yuan About 1,114 euros And so on.

Exclusive Samsung mobiles based on the Olympic Games because it is almost a tradition The South Korean giant Partner Of the International Olympic Committee, Although of course these versions may reach more markets … Or do you not like it?

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