Sakura says creating Super Smash Brothers Ultimate DLC was as difficult as creating a new game

Sora is so complicated that Disney and Square Enix are not happy with Nintendo’s ideas.

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What now Sora is now available On Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, The long journey of the characters who came to the game a little bit via DLC is finally over. Masahiro Sakura, The title director, can now dedicate his life to other things, but not before revealing how difficult it is to create an additional eleven fighters.

Of all the characters, Sora was the one who posed the most problems.The news comes from a recent column Famitsu From the director of Smash, Translated by Siliconora. According to Sakura, creating all of Smash DLC took the team until they created a whole new game. Somewhat understandable if taken into account Licenses Involved in all these connections.

In all the characters, Sora It posed so many problems. Both Disney and Square Enix were slow to close the deal due to a disagreement with Nintendo’s ideas. Original design Of the protagonist Kingdom Hearts The big N was awarded to two companies.

The acceptance process was very difficult, as planned with the Nintendo Fighters Pass 2 Five characters Only, the first wave of DLCs is the same size. It was harder to please Disney and Square Enix than Sakura thought, but things got lively when Sora came in first. Smash ballot, A survey of the characters carried out in the periods Smash Brothers. For Wii U.

What’s next for the Smash director? At the end of the interview, Sakura left without knowing his future, stating that he would only work on a few more games (unspecified).

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