Ryan Upchurch Net Worth: How Much He Earn from YouTube?

American rapper, singer, songwriter, and comedian Ryan Edward Upchurch hails from Cheatham County, Tennessee, which lies outside of Nashville. He was formerly known as Upchurch The Redneck and is now more commonly known as Upchurch, Ryan Upchurch.

Upchurch gained notoriety mostly as a comedian who shared videos on several platforms to garner friends and followers. Ryan Upchurch, who was first recognized as a “country rapper,” has now diversified into rap, rock, and other genres. In addition to creating the saying “raise hell and eat cornbread,” he also sold merchandise.

Ryan Upchurch Quick Info

Full Name Ryan Edward Upchurch
Nickname Ryan
Age 31 years old
Date Of Birth 24 May 1991
Birth Place Cheatham County, Tennessee
Height 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight 76 kg (167 lbs)

Early Years

Ryan Upchurch was born in Pegram, Tennessee, on May 24, 1991. Upchurch created the humorous persona of Upchurch the Redneck to amuse himself and his pals by parodying depictions of young men in the Deep South.

Upchurch began making movies with his friends in 2014, rapping and portraying the redneck character Upchurch the Redneck.

Ryan Upchurch’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Upchurch, an American entertainer, has a $4 million fortune. Ryan Edward Upchurch, who describes himself as a comedian, rapper, and musician, was born in May 1991 in Cheatham County, Tennessee. Rapcore, Country rap, hip hop, country, Southern rock, and rock are some of the musical styles he performs.

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth

Upchurch’s debut studio album, Heart of America, debuted at #5 on the US Heatseekers chart in 2016. His second album, Chicken Willie, reached its peak at number one on the US Heatseekers chart and at eleven on the US Rap and US Indie charts. Bad Mutha Fucka, Upchurch’s third album, peaked at #2 on the US Heatseekers chart in 2016. His fourth album, Son of the South, peaked at number two on the US Heatseekers chart in 2017.

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Upchurch started making YouTube videos. He issued the extended play Cheatham County in 2015 and the full-length album Heart of America in 2016. Heart of America sold 1,300 copies in its first week, and both of these albums debuted in the top 30 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

The second full-length album by Upchurch, Chicken Willie, was released in August 2016. It debuted at No. 22 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and No. 11 on the Rap Albums chart while selling 2,800 copies in its first week. The Summer Love EP was published by Upchurch in 2017. both the Son of the South studio album, which is fully country-oriented and free of any rap music, debuted at No. 33 and No. 33, respectively, on the Top Country Albums chart.

On April 20, Upchurch’s debut rock album, Creeker, was made available. It primarily included rock music and contained very little rap. Supernatural, a rap-focused album with some country influences that he released in August 2018, reached at No. 6 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums. River Rat, the album he released in December 2018, peaked at number 22. King of Dixie, Upchurch’s fifth studio album, includes 19 tracks and was released on November 10, 2017.

Career in Music

Upchurch, who is passionate about music, is successful in the industry. Along with releasing a number of successful albums, he has also achieved success on the music charts. The top music charts usually feature his albums.

In 2016, he released his debut album, Heart of America, and it quickly rose to the top of the U.S. charts. Chart for Eatseeker albums. Additionally, it appeared on the Independent and Rap album charts at number 11.

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth

Later that year, he was able to release another of his albums, Chicken Willie, which peaked at number two on the American heatseekers chart. A year after he released two enormous triumphs, another one of his albums 2017 gained popularity. This album, which was among the top 10, came in at number two on the charts.

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Earnings of Ryan Upchurch from YouTube

Ryan’s prominence on the video-sharing site has helped him accumulate a large fortune. He started using YouTube in 2014 and posted a playlist called Upchurch Talks. Even his debut video series was extremely popular, and he quickly racked up a whopping 100K followers.

His song, Rollin Stoned, has received over 102 Million views on YouTube, making it his most popular video. The anticipated earnings for this video are $350,000.

Personal Life

The beginning of Ryan Upchurch’s romance with Brianna Vanvleet took place in 2015. Despite much publicity surrounding their relationship, they ultimately split up. Ryan and Brianna have encountered a number of troubling online stories while dating. Later, it was reported that Ryan was dating singer Katie Noel. They also collaborated on a few tracks, including Hey Boy, Hey Girl, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Has Upchurch Been Wed?

Ryan’s girlfriend is indeed his wife. In 2020, he had gotten married to Taylor Eileen Smith.

Q.Does Ryan Upchurch Perform Live Music?

Yes, Ryan Upchurch performs at many venues. Sadly, no dates have been set for 2022.

Q. Has Ryan Ever Had a Brother?

Ryan only has one sister and one brother. They were all raised together.

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