Russian soldiers stuck on the road charred by a Ukrainian driver

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine You may already run out of gasif the video posted by a single citizen is any indication.

The one-minute clip shows a man driving in the direction of a group of soldiers and what appears to be a Russian tank parked on a country road. “Are you guys broken?” The man asks the soldiers.

“Out of fuel,” one replies.

“Can I take you back to Russia?” The Ukrainian sneered, provoking some laughter.

The conversation continues with the Ukrainian man who asks the soldiers if they know where they are going. Someone says “To Kiev” and asks, “What do they say on the news?”

The brave Ukrainian replies, “Well, while everything is in our favour, your prisoners are well surrendering.”

He added that he asked “a whole column”, and “no one knows where they are and where they are going.”

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After that, the Ukrainian drove away, and a few seconds later, another tank and a pickup truck passed, which also stopped on the side of the road.

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