Releases the new Patch trilogy with over 100 fixes for all three games

Its initial release in November was marked by a high number of graphical errors.

What is the purpose of paying tribute to the owner Grand Theft Auto Unfortunately, it ended up being a resource Memes and graphic errors. GTA: The trilogy Has generated criticism since its launch in November, but its developers have refused to give up the adventure. They have worked well despite the bugsBut Performed above the expectations of Tag-do.

Focuses on improving connection stability and fixing graphical errorsLast week, the authors They promised a new update For GTA: A trilogy focused on polishing the edges of all three games. Now we can see the details of this link through Rock Star websiteWho shared More than 100 fixes For collection distributions. Below we share More common points In the update, you can check which bugs have been fixed for each topic by reading Rockstar’s report.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition
  • Performance improved on all graphics systems.
  • Sustainability improvements.
  • Fixed various issues when trying to restart a task from the last save point.
  • Fixed various conflict issues.
  • Fixed various system and identity issues.

GDA: The trilogy has become a very bad case for Rockstar Many failures They do not go unnoticed in the community. Beyond that, in 3DJuegos, we looked at the work on all three topics in the collection, and you can read more about this in our article. AnalysisWe have come to the conclusion that A myth rather than a good restoration.

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