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Raphael Warnock, an American pastor, and politician have an estimated net worth of $800,000. In 2022, when Raphael ran for the Senate against Kelly Loeffler, he received extensive media coverage for the first time.

Before entering politics, Warnock was the senior pastor at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church for many years.

Short Bio

Net Worth: $800 Thousand
Salary: $174 Thousand
Date of Birth: Jul 23, 1969 (53 years old)
Place of Birth: Savannah, Georgia, U.S.

Early Life

Raphael Warnock grew up in a highly religious home in Savannah, Georgia. His parents were both Pentecostal ministers. Raphael was one of twelve children living in public housing (in an area known as Kayton Homes) with his family.

Dr. Martin Luther King had a significant impact on Warnock, so when he graduated from high school in Atlanta in 1987, he attended Morehouse College, a historically black men’s college.

Prior to his enrollment at Morehouse College, Warnock participated in the Upward Bound program. Warnock was able to enroll in preparatory college courses at Savannah State University.

Warnock would pursue a degree in psychology at Morehouse. He would graduate from Morehouse College with the academic distinction of cum laude. Eventually, he enrolled at Union Theological Seminary, where he would pursue a Ph.D. in theology.

Warnock has also participated in the Leadership Program (a Greater Baltimore Committee initiative) and the Harvard University Summer Leadership Institute. Warnock also completed the Leadership Atlanta program successfully.

The Associated Press has published an article about Senator Warnock that provides additional information about the Georgia senator’s early life. Raphael’s mother worked as a sharecropper in addition to her preaching duties, and Raphael’s father, an Army veteran, hauled old cars to a local salvage yard to earn extra money. According to Warnock, his father recruited him to assist with his work.

Warnock states that he was the first member of his family to graduate from college. Senator shares that he did so with the assistance of a Pell grant and a few student loans.

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Personal Life

Warnock and Ouleye Ndoye were married from 2016 to 2020. The couple wed in two separate ceremonies, one private and one public. Their anniversary date was February 14, 2016. The couple divorced in November 2019

Warnock and Ndoye are the parents of two children, Chloe and Caleb. Warnock and Ndoye have concealed their children from the public eye for the majority of their lives.

The divorce between Warnock and Ndoye became contentious, as many do. When Ndoye accused Warnock of running over her foot with his car, Warnock came under scrutiny. According to reports, the couple was arguing about visiting relatives. As the situation escalated, Warnock attempted to leave the residence.

raphael warnock net worth

The police investigated the incident, but no charges were ever filed. There were no injuries found on Ndoye’s foot. Nonetheless, when Warnock ran for the Senate in 2020, a video of a police interview regarding the allegations made by Warnock’s soon-to-be ex-wife would be made public.

Senator Warnock has done an excellent job of keeping his private life private. Little is known about his childhood; most sources repeat the same information from his biography without expansion.


In the ’90s, Warnock entered the ministry. His first church in New York was the Abyssinian Baptist Church. Here, Warnock served as a youth pastor; later, he would become the church’s assistant pastor.

Even then, Warnock courted controversy. Warnock was the youth pastor when the church invited Fidel Castro to visit in 1995, but it is unclear whether he was involved in making that decision. The Warnock campaign denied any involvement in the decision and refused to confirm or deny whether the candidate attended Castro’s event. Warnock did refuse to hire welfare recipients in protest of then-New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s welfare program.

Warnock would later relocate to Baltimore’s Douglas Memorial Community Church. Once more, Warnock’s career was marred by controversy. This time, Warnock and a Douglas Memorial assistant pastor were arrested and charged with obstruction of justice.

Police investigated allegations of child abuse at a summer camp run by Douglas Memorial Church. The charges stem from Warnock’s demand that camp counselors speak with police in the presence of an attorney. The arrest report for Warnock stated that he was “extremely uncooperative and disruptive.”

Later, Warnock’s charges were dropped on the grounds that there had been a misunderstanding. Warnock stated that his intervention had nothing to do with the police investigating allegations of abuse, but rather with ensuring that the juvenile counselors were represented by counsel during police interviews.

In 2005, Warnock assumed his current position as the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Many anticipated Warnock to resign once he announced his candidacy for the Georgia seat in the U.S. Senate, but he addressed the concern from the pulpit.

raphael warnock net worth

He informed his congregation that he had no intention of leaving, despite his opponent Kelly Loeffler and other lawmakers deeming this a controversial stance. Loeffler even utilized sermon excerpts to assert that Warnock had used the pulpit to advance a political agenda. Warnock claims that the clips have been taken out of context and that it is not unusual for African American preachers to address current events in the pulpit.

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Raphael Warnock’s Net Worth and Salary

Pastor and politician Raphael Warnock have an estimated net worth of $800,000. In 2022, Raphael first gained national attention when he ran against Kelly Loeffler for the Senate. Prior to entering politics, Warnock was the Senior Pastor of the Atlanta Ebenezer Baptist Church.

During his tenure at Ebenezer, Warnock earned a yearly salary of $275,000 Warnock will take a pay cut when he enters the Senate, where first-year Senators earn approximately $174,000 annually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is  Raphael Warnock?

Raphael Warnock is an American pastor and the junior United States senator from Georgia since 2021.

 Who is Raphael Warnock’s Wife?

Raphael Warnock is divorced. His ex-wife’s name is Oulèye Ndoye. This couple was married from 2016-2020.

How Old is Raphael Warnock?

Raphael Warnock is 53 years old as of 20


Raphael Gamaliel Warnock was born in Savannah, Georgia on July 23, 1969. He has served as the senior pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta for many years.

The former pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York and the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, is Raphael Warnock.

He had been married to Tonia Ndoye for two years prior to their divorce in November of this year. The couple was the parents of two children.

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