Premiering Political K-Drama Series: Queenmaker Season 1


In 2023, Netflix will release a variety of intriguing K-dramas, including the highly anticipated political drama Queenmaker. We’re tracking all the details you need more to know about Queenmaker including the plot, Netflix release date, cast, and trailer. 

Queenmaker is a South Korean television series of Political Drama. It is directed by Oh Jin-Seok and written by Moon Ji-young. Stars Moon So-ri, Kim Hee-ae, and Ryu Soo-young.

It is scheduled to be released on April 14, 2023, on Netflix. Music is given in the movie Closer by Kim Jun-Seok and Jeong Se-rin. Queenmaker season 1 language original Korean.

The production company of this series is Insight Film Studio Focus X AStory. This series was from early December 2021 to late June 2022.

The entire filming was completed in South Korea. There is a total no. of episodes is 12 and The length of each episode of roughly expecting 60 minutes. 

Their official trailer for this season is also available on youtube you can see it here.

Hwang Do Hee is played by Kim Hee Ae. This is the cast of The World of the Married’s first drama on Netflix in nearly three years. You’re One-of-a-Kind, Perfect Love, and Basics of Love, are some other famous dramas in that Kim Hee Ae has starred.

Oh, Seung Sook is portrayed By Moon So Ri. After starring in supporting roles in the drama The film Seoul Vibe and the School Nurse Files, Moon So Ri is now starring in her first Netflix series

Baek Jae Min plays the role of Ryu Soo Young, who makes his Netflix debut in Queen Maker. Ryu Soo Young’s most current and popular dramas include, My Lawyer, Mr. Joe,  My Father is Strange, and Here’s My Plan.

Ma Jung Seok role played Kim Tae Hoon, who has previously appeared in several Netflix Originals, including both seasons of Kingdom, Persona, Nevillera, and Persona.

What is a Queenmaker?

Queenmaker is a South Korean drama series that delves into the world of power and politics. The story follows a woman who rises to power to become the queen of a country.

Queenmaker Season 1

The series promises to be an entertaining drama with a strong focus on character development and political intrigue.

What to Expect from New Korean Dramas

Korean dramas and political dramas Fans alike can expect a lot from Queenmaker. With an all-star cast and talented crew, the series promises to be an engrossing drama with a strong focus on character development and political conspiracy.

The series sets out to explore themes of power, betrayal, and ambition making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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What Expectly In The Queenmaker Plot?

Two women work together in “Queenmaker” to accomplish a common objective. Oh Seung Suk, a labor rights lawyer known as “Crazy Rhinoceros”, and Hwang Doo Hee, a successful career woman who hasn’t taken off her heels in 12 years, teamed up to join forces to fight for workers’ rights. 

The association represents women workers and is led by Seung Sook and the founder of Workers Solidarity with the Rights of Foundation.

Despite their disagreements, Hwang Doo Hee is determined to elevate Oh Seung-suk, the “queen maker,” to the position of mayor of Seoul.

In “Queenmaker”, two women work together to accomplish a common goal. Hwang Do Hee, a successful professional woman who hasn’t worn high heels in 12 years, teams up with Goodness Seung Sook, a labor rights lawyer known as “Crazy Rhinoceros”.

Queenmaker Season 1

Gracious Seung Sook is the president of the Specialists Fortitude Without Privilege organization, the boss of the women’s labor union, and a famous YouTuber who is not a fan of authority. 

Despite their differences, Hwang Doo Hee, the “sovereign,” is still debating whether to install Gracious Seung Suk as mayor of Seoul.

After months of intense campaigning, election day finally arrived. Joo-Yeon and Yeon-Kyung nervously watch the vote count, their hearts pounding with anticipation.

In the end, it was a resounding victory for Yeon-Kyung. As soon as her candidate is declared the winner, Joo-yeon shouts in victory. She did it – she had helped to make Yeon-Kyung the queen. 

Joo-yeon watches with a sense of pride and accomplishment as Yeon-Kyung is sworn in as President of South Korea.

She had come a long way from her humble beginnings, and she knew there were several challenges ahead. But for now, she was satisfied to warm herself in the glory of her hard-won victory.

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