August 5, 2022

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Samsung VS Sony TVs: First Quantum Dot OLED Smart TV, Revolutionary Mini-LED TVs at CES 2022!

Quantum Dot OLED Smart TV

In this article, we’ll be concentrating on Samsung and Sony televisions, and we’ll be comparing what they have to offer. The gist is that each brand strives to adhere to its own set of principles, so while there may be some commonality, the outcomes may be very different.

What Exactly Was Said?

In addition, Samsung introduced new versions of its Neo QLED and MICRO LED televisions, as well as lifestyle televisions. The most significant upgrades were made to the Neo Quantum processor, which now produces more brightness, depth, and contrast, and the OTS (Object Tracking Sound) Pro system, which now supports Dolby Atmos with new integrated up-firing speakers, which was previously unavailable.

Quantum Dot OLED Smart TV

For the first time, an 89-inch MICRO LED model is available, and all of the 2022 MICRO LEDs enable 20-bit greyscale depth to extract more detail and provide more control over brightness and colour to completely express HDR content. If the MICRO LEDs are connected to speakers, they can also play Dolby Atmos sound.

New Frame, Serif, and Sero televisions have been revealed, with their displays now including anti-glare, anti-reflection, and anti-fingerprint features. Several new features will be added to Samsung’s Smart Hub, including a gaming hub as well as the new Watch Together function, an NFT platform, and a smart calibration picture tool.

Bravia XR TV With 8K Resolution From Sony Z9K.

Despite the fact that Sony’s presentation of forthcoming TVs was lengthy, the most significant news was the release of QD-OLED and Mini LED TVs. Mini LED displays will be available in 4K and 8K resolutions, while the A95K QD-OLED will be available in 55- and 65-inch sizes. Despite the fact that both Samsung and Sony are releasing QD-OLED models, the Japanese electronics giant was the first to reveal their products.

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360 Spatial Sound Personalizer works in conjunction with BRAVIA XR TVs to provide an optimised spatial sound experience when using compatible Sony neckband speakers and headphones. The new BRAVIA CAM recognises where people are in a room and adjusts pictures and sound to match their location.

Sony’s video-on-demand service In addition to the new Calibrate Mode on the BRAVIA CORE, Sony and Netflix have cooperated on an Adaptive Calibrated Mode for the Netflix app, which will automatically alter the image settings. It accomplishes a similar aim of optimising on the fly for the optimum visual performance at any given time by using artificial intelligence.

What Will Be the Focal Points of the Event?

QD-OLED is also known as QD Display. Quantum Dot OLED (QD-OLED) technology combines components of OLED and Quantum Dot LCD technology into a single screen that can create deep black depths, excellent contrast ratios, and larger coverage of the colour spectrum than either technology separately.

The brightness is believed to be greater than that of a typical OLED, with peak brightness in the 1500 nit range being predicted for the display.

Quantum Dot OLED Smart TV

Samsung and Sony are both introducing QD-OLED televisions, and it will be fascinating to watch how they separate themselves from one another by incorporating their own proprietary technology into the screen. It will be fascinating to see how much they will cost as well. According to online rumours, they will be pricey.

Samsung and Sony are also going head-to-head with their Mini LED televisions, with both companies releasing 4K and 8K variants to the market. Samsung has a larger number of models in its lineup, whilst Sony is only launching two models (Z9K 8K TV and X95K).

Even though both manufacturers have a strong preference for pushing HDR brightness to its limits, which will provide the superior local dimming performance?

What Exactly Is New About the Next Televisions?

Samsung’s Smart Hub has been redesigned to place content curation and discovery at the centre of the experience. The Gaming Hub, which is divided into many categories, is the most interesting since it provides access to titles from Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce NOW.

For the purpose of acquiring digital artwork, Samsung is experimenting in the NFT market, and it’s an area where they may get an advantage over their competitors, yet the presence of NFTs could cause divisions in the industry.

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While companies like LG and Samsung have opted for a more personalised approach to their user interfaces, Sony is concentrating on image and sound quality optimization rather than personalization. While the Ambient Optimization Pro mode may calibrate the TV in combination with the BRAVIA CAM, there are new calibrated modes for the BRAVIA CORE and Netflix as well as the BRAVIA CAM.

There’s also the new 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer, which provides the best possible spatial surround sound experience. Essentially, Sony’s tagline for the year 2022 is “optimise, optimise, and more optimization.”

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The future fortunes of Samsung and Sony are impossible to predict at this point, but it will be intriguing to see how their Mini LEDs and QD-OLEDs do in direct rivalry.

Aside from that, Samsung and Sony prefer to stick to their respective niches, with Samsung focusing on becoming a TV brand for anybody who wants a screen and Sony catering to people who want to watch movies at home. It is possible that the regions of concentration will decide which is the more successful.