PSVR 2 Games Has Been Confirmed for Release!

The virtual reality world will grow on February 22 with the release of the PSVR 2 headgear for the PlayStation 5. Building on the foundation created by the first PSVR headset, this next-generation headset includes a slew of remarkable capabilities (including eye tracking, headset haptics, and 4K resolution), but it also costs a whopping $550.

Fortunately, Sony appears to be paying PSVR 2 a lot of attention, with a slew of games already confirmed for the device. This includes a healthy mix of remasters, new releases, and sequels to well-known titles.

Of course, the PSVR 2 games library is just as vital as its technical prowess, and things don’t appear to disappoint right now. Sony’s headset appears to span all major genres, from tactical shooters like Crossfire: Sierra Squad to relaxing experiences like Puzzling Places.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which takes place in the same environment as Forbidden West and should help demonstrate the capability of the $550 device, is one of the most anticipated titles for PSVR 2.

PSVR 2 Game

Create, administer, and govern the city of your dreams (or nightmares). Cities VR: Enhanced Edition assigns you responsibilities ranging from utility planning to population education.

And, because you can see the action from a birds-eye perspective as well as by diving down into the streets, you should be able to get a good sense of what your city can do to better.

Demeo (Free Upgrade)

Demeo is a virtual reality dungeon crawler. You can play as a hunter, sorcerer, assassin, guardian, bard, or warlock, or you can play with three other adventures.

There’s also a deck-building mechanic that lets you tailor your character to your playing style by using over 60 different cards.

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate is one of the most visually attractive PSVR 2 games, with an anime-inspired art style. You’ll be faced with solving a murder in the underwater city of Astrum Close using a range of magical abilities to aid in your investigation.

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