Prisa | Online Booking : How Do I Book Psira?


Prisa Online Booking: Road traffic management has begun registering, hiring, and re-booking private security under the Private Security Industry Regulation Act (PSIRA).

The organization intends to provide legitimate protection to anyone who requests it. South African security services promote a procedure that is transparent, professional, and accountable.

If you are a South African resident looking for dependable security services, read the information in the following sections.

Psira Online Application for Verification of Bookings?

  • The following information is required for PSIRA online booking verification.
  • The ID number for PSIRA
  • Code for the captcha
  • After you’ve completed them, click the Submit button.

Psira Booking Online Application Form for Renewal?

In South Africa, private security is a profitable business, and many customers renew their services with PSIRA every year. The online booking application form for renewal can be downloaded from the link below.

Epic Games
Epic Games

To see a list of sharing choices, go to the Done tab.

Alternatively, you can send and save papers or explore the other choices.

Psira Online Collection Booking?

  • PSIRA online collection bookings can be performed by filling out the application form found in the attached link.

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  • Fill in your first and last names.
  • Please enter your PSIRA number.
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Epic Games
  • Include your phone number and a name for your business.
  • Fill in the remaining details and information before submitting the form.

How Can I Register for the Psira Renewal Online Application Form?

  • The registration process for the PSIRA renewal online application form can be completed in the following manner.
  • To begin the signup procedure, go to the homepage link.
  • From the menu in the upper left corner of the site, select New Booking.

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  • Choose your identity status first, then press the Next button.
  • After you’ve filled in all of the necessary details, go to the Register tab. The essential information will be transmitted to the PSIRA’s system for verification.
  • In the activation mail, you must click on the activation code given through your contact mode.
  • Log in to the new PSIRA account using the temporary password and username.

What Are Your Contact Details?

The following is a list of contact information.

Pretoria, 0001; Private Bag X817; Private Bag X817; Private Bag X817; Private Bag X817; Private Bag X817

012 337 5500 / 086 133 3850 is the phone number to call.

012 326 6128 / 086 246 7750 (fax)

You may also use the online contact form to get in touch with them.

Psira Online Booking Features

PSiRA Online Booking has the following features: *

* Allows security providers to book services using the PSiRA Online Booking Management System;

* Allows customers to check on the status of security providers, including individual security officers and companies.

Epic Games
Epic Games

* Use Twitter and Facebook to interact with PSiRA

* Get notified about breaking news in the private security industry ** Use our easy navigation system to find our offices

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* Learn more about our services and how to register with the regulator ** Read more about the Act using our document management system ** Other features will be added soon.


Do you intend to continue with your security services? If that’s the case, review the information here and, if you’re a first-time applicant, fill out a new online application form.

If your application is being renewed, you must complete the renewal form to get security services.

For more information please visit us: Overtells

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