Presents Gold and Taipei Game Show’s new gameplay

From Software continues its adventure through the Middle Lands, which will be released on February 25th.

From the software With each new data it continues to raise public expectations Elton Ring. Until now, the company has been feeding the illusion of community by qualifying for its mission The pinnacle of everything made with dark souls Or what it is about Suitable game for Miyazaki. Now, the developers have confirmed that the game Gold And has submitted one New game Collects with comments some of the dynamics seen so far.

Taught during this development Taipei Game Show Although the channel, with some statements from the creators Elton Ring News Already posted one Compilation On YouTube we only watch gameplay scenes. During the event, From Software announced that the ‘Master’ version had already been sent and that the team was currently working. In Day 1 Patch.

In the presentation of the Taipei Game Show, the authors reiterate its importance Study To find locations and objects in the Elton Ring, they also allocate good space for different teaching War styles And some threats awaiting us in the Midlands. This is complemented by information released by From Software from the official Elden Ring Twitter account that recently showed an adversary Not seen in beta.

The rest is up A little more than a month Enjoy Elden Ring on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC, but this wait will take forever for users. After all, what’s new is software The most loved topic by Steam players, And jumped into this wave immediately after testing the beta from 3DJuegos. In this sense, ours First impression The Dark Souls formula has been left to us and it fits well Spectacular open world.

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