May 25, 2022

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Popular video game Fortnite is about to leave China due to new formulation – Kudasai

Portal South China Morning Post Published an article pointing out that the popular video game Fortnight The video game for smartphones will be recalled from China on November 15th Dungeon & Fighter (DnF) Mobile Announced its launch in South Korea, apparently canceling its launch in China. Both cases are in response to new government dumps related to the regularization of the video game industry in its region.


Globally successful video games “Fortnite” and “Dungeon & Fighter (DnF) Mobile” have pressed the pause button in China, which is the world’s largest video game market because it is difficult to get permission from Beijing. U.S. video game developer Epic Games has announced that it will end its three-year “trial” of online shooter video game Fortnight on November 15 in China because local partner Tencent Holdings has not been able to obtain an official video publishing license. Sports in the country. In the current “trial” mode, Tencent players are prohibited from charging.

For its part, Japanese-Korean video game studio Nexon announced on the same day that it would launch “DnF Mobile” in South Korea. Tencent, a key Nexan partner, had planned to launch “DNF Mobile” in China in August 2020, but the plan seems to have been diverted as Beijing tightened its grip on video game licenses and content..

Epic Games’ decision to end testing in China and Nexon’s decision to avoid the market – for now – could have made Tencent, the world’s largest video game company, lose its two most anticipated titles as Beijing increased – and make more profit. Its regulatory pressure on the industry. China’s video game industry regulator has not allowed a new video game since the end of July, which has left many companies in the industry confused..

The news that Fortnite, at the very least, is leaving China and launching DnF Mobile in South Korea without China’s release date, reflects the difficult state of game approvals in China right now.Said Matthew Canterman, a senior analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. “Tencent will include both high-end games to be introduced in China.He added.

Source: South China Morning Post

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