January 28, 2022

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Pokemon trainers are going to use whips, but whipping Picasso and his friends doesn’t seem like the best thing.

Before collecting medals, Cam Freak evaluated belt rankings such as martial arts.

In two more weeks we will enjoy the last great adventure of the franchise Game Freak With Pokemon Legends: Arcius, All existing pledge An evolution for history, But senior history has not stopped surprising us with curiosity about its first stroke already Over 25 years. This time, it has to be done A ranking system It was raised for Pokmon trainers.

Game Freak saw it as cruelLike martial arts, Trainers will receive different belts Different colors instead of the popular gym medals. This does not seem to be a remote solution to represent the progress of our deliveries, except that Game Freak has put forward similar belts. Worked to beat our Pokmon.

The story was published by a YouTube channel Do you know gaming?, y surge del libro exclusivo en Japón, ‘Game Freak: The Creative Group Rewrite the Rules in the World of Play’, escorto por Akihito Domisawa, Developer at Game Freak. “The developers decided to ‘deploy’ humans as Pokmon trainers. The initial idea was that the player’s Pokமொmon would reach a certain level of strength. Winning ‘belts’ like martial arts“Tomisawa explains in the book.

The belts of the coaches act as a whip to the Pokமொmon“Well, if you get the belt, what if you can Use it for a training whip? Like red whip, black whip or yellow whip. “Finally, the developer explains that they chose to pose. Darling Pokemon, “Your relationship with the player should be greater Friendly“So he chose the medals,”That is so horrible Let the player hit their Pokமொmon, “Domisawa said. Nintendo LifeAlthough the idea was removed, there are still many coaches in the original games Carry the whip in their final design. I was only able to see it yesterday New animated video of adorable bitcoin, And it’s very hard to imagine anyone ready to hit you with a belt.

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