Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DragaPult Raid Nearly Ends in Disaster!

During a Dragapult raid, a squad of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players almost lost. Many RPG series fans have come dangerously near to losing tough battles. Many Pokemon players will have stories of times when they came in clutch and beat the odds.

Dragapult is a Dragon/Ghost-Type introduced in Game Freak’s Generation 8 series. In the Dreepy family’s final evolution, the pseudo-legendary Pokemon develops from Drakloak at level 60. Dragon Darts, a multi-striking Dragon-Type move, is the pocket monster’s hallmark strike.

A-Bored-Man, a Reddit member, posted a video of three players taking on Dragapult in one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s raids. In the video, the squad has all of their pocket monsters Terastallized and has reduced the Dragon/Ghost-Type to a sliver of life.

The Dragapult, on the other hand, launches an attack that knocks out two members of the squad. With only a small proportion of its HP remaining, the surviving creature, a Sylveon, is on the verge of defeat. The Pokemon then utilizes Hyper Beam, which was sufficient to defeat the raid boss.

It was a stressful moment that demonstrated how battles in Pokemon may come down to the wire.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DragaPult

Many Reddit users feel that Sylveon’s hidden ability, Pixilate, aided the Pokemon’s victory by transforming Hyper Beam into a Fairy-Type attack, which Dragapult is vulnerable to. One commenter related to A-Bored-Man because they, too, had a raid with their brother that they said came down to the very last second.

Another player stated that if they were trapped in such a situation, they would have soiled themselves, while another stated that Hyper Beam being so powerful against an opponent Pokemon damages their brain.

Everyone who has played Nintendo’s franchise would agree that the video A-Bored-Man uploaded depicts a battle that would have had everyone on the edge of their seats if they had been a part of it.

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While many Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have moments like the one A-Bored-Man posted, they are nonetheless entertaining to watch. When combat reaches that level of intensity, viewers are captivated as they wonder which side will triumph.

These are the kinds of bouts that can help keep the Pokemon franchise interesting by allowing players to come in clutch and just barely win. As players continue to play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they will continue to eke out victories that come down to a single final assault.

Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon, are now available for the Nintendo Switch.

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