PlayStation Plus surprises its users with a new surprise

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PlayStation Plus In return for a monthly or annual fee, the service offers online multiplayer, exclusive discounts and access to certain games for the PS4 and PS5. Outside of that, there are also occasions when it surprises its users with amazing content for some games, as has happened recently.

What’s happening is that PlayStation and Epic Games have announced a new set of content Rocket League. This is an item pack that is available to any PlayStation Plus user to request and use their car Rocket League Is beautiful.

But what is surprise? This is a collection that includes the following cosmetics:

  • Spoof Star DL Wheels
  • Ninja Star BL Boost
  • Watching the stars BL Topper
  • Starscape Jr. BL Decal

In other news

As you can see, this pack of cosmetic products Rocket League You can decorate your car with stars and the typical colors of the PlayStation Plus service.

It should be noted that at present it is not known whether this will be available for a fixed term promotion or permanently. In any case, we recommend that you request your item to avoid running out of package Rocket League. You can get them here.

What did you think of this surprise? Did you expect to receive this reward on PlayStation Plus? Tell us in the comments.

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