Play Status: New games, additional previews and everything left over from the PlayStation event

PlayStation Undertook a new version of Game level. The event, which lasted about 20 minutes, focused on showing previews of already announced topics and anticipating new games coming out next year and after. As a specialty, The presentation focused on Japanese projects. This is a review of all the news.

Exoprimal will be the new Capcom owner
Exoprimal will be the new Capcom owner

The event started with Exoprimal, Capcom’s new game. Although the first pictures made everyone think about the new installment of the Dino crisis, it finally became a new owner. This game – this Coming in 2023 PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Steam – will take players to the planet in crisis by 2040.

In that version of the Earth, dinosaurs appeared nowhere and are destroying cities around the world. To counter this threat, the planet enlists the help of Abius Corporation, an artificial intelligence called Leviathan, which can predict where the next dinosaur invasion will take place by sending exosolders to defeat them.

This proposal Its focus is going to be on multiplayer mode – “But with a touch of competition” -, although they expected it to have a story running through the game, it would allow players to learn more about the story that guides the title.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Said present with A new trailer In its preview starting on March 25th. In the game, almost the entire population of Tokyo disappears and different heroes of urban mythology take to the streets. Soldiers are going to pair themselves in the shoes of surviving Akito with a ghost detective named KK..

Accompanied by a suspect: a masked man called Hanya. “Body language [de Hannya] It shows that he is working to achieve a bigger goal and it is not possible to say whether the mask expresses anger or sadness, “he explained. Beg KimuraDirector of Tango Gameworks.

Paradise is the stranger of the ultimate fantasy look It will be released on March 18th, but before that, players can get this experience through the demo they released. It is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and covers the first three levels. Additionally, you can try out the multiplayer mode with other users being tested.

An important fact is that the data stored during the demo will not be lost and everyone who buys the game can change the progress they have made.

That was announced a few days ago Spoken Changed its release date. Square Enix And Fluorescent products They confirmed that the game would arrive on October 11th instead of May 24th as originally planned. During the latest edition of the State of the Play, it was revealed A new trailer Game that Frey improved some of the magical abilities that the protagonist is going to have.

Powers include Storm Dart, which allows soldiers to release electrical energy during battle, as well as the ability to command water barriers with Igre move.

New pictures Gundam evolution, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | This year’s free FPS on S and PC (via Steam). The game is set to launch simultaneously in Japan and the United States in 2022, and they plan to launch in Europe, but not yet – including Latin America.

Title 6v6 will allow players to pilot mobile suits from the Gundam anime series on objective-based combat and will have 12 starting units, each with unique attacks.

Introduced by Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Kovapunga CollectionA set of that Combines the 13 classic games of ownership. It’s a cross-platform proposal, so gamers can enjoy it on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

“It was clear from the beginning that the Kovapunga collection needed 8-bit and 16-bit Western versions, Japanese versions and of course DMNT arcade games. Together, we manage to bring 13 arcade games, consoles and their regional versions, ”he explained. Charles MurakamiSenior producer at Konami.

The collection of games will have some special features such as multiplayer modes, the ability to store games whenever players want and enhanced textures.

Gigabash Is one of the new topics announced. The game will be developed by Passion Republic Games, a Malaysian indie video game development startup. This Kaiju Fight title will be released this year and first comes to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

“We’re inspired by the classic Tokusu characters: Godzilla, Megasart or Ultraman; in addition to titles like War of the Monsters and Powerstone. Led to the creation of a list of 10 unique Titans; Each fits a particular kaiju or heroAnd Gerald Yong, head of the studio’s story, explained.

There was another ad JoJo’s Strange Adventure: All Star Battle R, Fight game based on animation and it will provide a list of 50 charactersThe series will feature voices from the original Japanese actors.

Players can enjoy popular battles each season and see heroes from different universes interacting for the first time. It will be released this year On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

They pledged an updated and upgraded version of the fighting style, noting that its signature art style distinguishes it from other games of this genre: “Fans’ favorite characters, story and contexts combine into outrageous fun and fast battles.” ”.

Trekking to Yomi Provided A new turning point, Focuses on deepening the story that guides the game and its visual proposition. In the presentation that came with the presentation, they explained that the story was built on two pillars: historical Japanese and Shinto mythology, which indicated that the gods were everywhere, such as rocks or trees.

What else, He described the cinematic experience as inspired by classic Japanese films. “The initial approach to the 2D gameplay was inspired by the quiet films of the 1920s and 1930s, where every scene was designed more like a magical theater moving than a screen,” they said.

Will returnFor its part, Ascension expects expansion, which will come as part of a free upgrade for all players holding the title. This new version coming out this month will introduce two game modes.

On the one hand, the video game is going to get it Cooperative system Online for two players. “By accessing the Chronosis Portal near the crash site (and other selected areas of the game), you will have the option to hold a tour or join a public one,” they explained. Hosts can retain all the progress they make in this mode. Sisyphus Tower will be yours Endless mode In this the players will die, but it will be a challenge to see how far they can advance.

The Deofield Chronicle Is one of the new games announced. East Strategy RPG will be a new topic Square Enix With real-time tactical combat system. “The Deofield Chronicle story revolves around war and honor. It offers a unique and beautiful world that mixes fantasy, medieval culture and modern influences with intricate and innovative real-time combat systems.

Eventually that too was revealed Valkyrie ElysiumAnother Square Enix title that joins the Valkyrie series. This Action RPG is about to introduce a new fast combat system They expect it to combine strategy, action and a joint system that tests players’ reaction ability.

The story is set in the distant past and in the context of threatening the kingdoms of Raknarok. In an attempt to save the world, Alfather creates a Valkyrie that faces various challenges on a ruined earth.

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