Photo: A Chinese rover detects glass cylinders at a distance from the moon


February 20, 2022 01:53 GMT

Scientists speculate that this may be the impact glass that forms during groove processes.

Yudu-2 rover Chinese work Chang’e 4 Discovered two translucent glass globules at a distance from the Moon, a Study Published in the science journal Science Bulletin.

The image was captured by the rover’s panoramic camera on its way around the globes Von Kerman Greater.

At this time, scientists have no data on the composition of blood cells, however, given the “special morphology and local environment” it is quite possible. Impact glass The groove was formed during the processes.

“The glass is rolling Record important information The composition of the mantle and the history and impact of the lunar eruption, “say the researchers. As they explain, glass globes are the result of a wide range of phenomena on the moon, so they serve as a perfect model for study. The depth of the history of lunar processes.

The Yutu-2 robotic rover, part of the historic Chang’e 4 mission, was launched on December 7, 2018, five days after it entered lunar orbit, and landed on the moon for the first time on January 3, 2019. Page of our natural satellite.

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