May 24, 2022

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Phil Spencer talks about the funky acquisition by Sony

A few hours ago, Sony confirmed this in a statement on its official blog They made a deal to acquire the stake, The studio that created the Halo franchise and is currently working at Destiny. To a lesser extent than the acquisition of Activision, the movement has generated a lot of ideas through specialized media and social networks.

Without going beyond that, one of the most important reactions to that message Bill Spencer talks about the acquisition of the stock by Sony Through his official Twitter account, A few minutes later the news was confirmed by the official funky account.

Phil Spencer talks about the funky acquisition by Sony

As we can see, the boss of Xbox greeted the team Funky, Praised them as a very creative team and congratulated PlayStation and PlayStation Studio head Hermann Hulst for getting a somewhat talented studio.

வாழ்த்துCongratulations to the talented teams at Bungie, a great testament to their creativity. Congratulations to @PlayStation @hermenhulst for adding a more talented team to their studio team.

In this way, Bill Spencer It is reacting to the second most important movement in January in terms of studio operations, following the acquisition of Microsoft Activision on its own.