Phantom of the Opera: Does the Phantom of the Opera Do Bad Things?

“And the money kept rolling in!” says the song “Evita” by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

After The Post reported on Friday that the composer’s “The Phantom of the Opera” would end its 35-year run on Broadway this winter, the show sold $2 million worth of tickets by 8 p.m., said the show’s producer, Cameron Mackintosh.

On the phone from London, Mackintosh said, “The tills are alive with the sound of the night music!”

Even though The Post got in the way of his announcement plans, the producer is happy with how well the movie did at the box office and how much love it got from fans worldwide (the news was set to drop next week.)

Still, “Phantom” will end on February 18 in New York, just a few weeks after a big party for its 35th anniversary.

“Everyone thinks these shows can go on forever, but you can’t run a big show at these margins anymore,” the producer said, adding the cost of running “Phantom,” which was $800,000 before the pandemic, is now $950,000. And this rise comes when Broadway is having a tough time.

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Mackintosh said, “The 35-year run is even more amazing when you think about how long it is.”

“Every show reaches a turning point at some point,” he said. Even before COVID, the number of losing weeks was going up.

You might see the Phantom and Christine Daae again in the future. The producer said that the musical could come back to Broadway differently later.

He said, “I’m sure ‘Phantom will come back someday.” “‘Les Mis’ came back twice after I took it off!

Since it opened on January 26, 1988, “Phantom” has had more than 13,000 performances at the Majestic Theatre, which is still its home to this day. It is the longest-running show on Broadway. “Chicago” is next, and Mackintosh pointed out that running costs much less.

phantom of the opera

Even though the famous Broadway musical “Phantom” ended its long run in February, the British producer is sure that both Broadway and the West End will do well in the future. Eventually.

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Mackintosh, whose shows in London include “Phantom” (which is doing well there, he said), “Hamilton,” “Les Miserables,” and “Mary Poppins,” said that it was good to see that people still wanted to go to shows.

“The ride will be bumpy, but people are coming!”

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Take a look at the Phantom of the Opera Instagram account.

What Does the Phantom of the Opera Mean?

The Phantom of the Opera is a story about a disfigured musical genius who haunts the Paris Opera House. It is based on a book by Gaston Leroux from 1910. The Phantom is mesmerized by how talented and beautiful the young soprano Christine is, so he tries to take her under his wing and falls in love with her.

phantom of the opera

Is Phantom of the Opera Ending in 2023?

Daniel Kreps. The Phantom of the Opera, which has been running on Broadway for 35 years and has nearly 14,000 performances, will end in 2023.

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What’s Wrong With Phantom’s Face?

In the 1943 version made by Universal, his face is messed up when the publisher’s assistant throws etching acid in it.

Where Can I See the 2022 Version of Phantom of the Opera?

You can rent or buy The Phantom of the Opera on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu and stream it.

Does the Phantom of the Opera Do Bad Things?

In the 1989 movie with the same name, The Phantom of the Opera is the main bad guy. On the other hand, this Phantom is a violent serial killer much worse than the original Phantom. On the other hand, his counterpart is shown in a much more tragic and sympathetic way.

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