Pence denounces Putin’s Republican “apologists” in address to RNC donors


Former Vice President Mike Pence On Friday, he condemned Republican “apologies” who used positive language to describe Russian President Vladimir Putin during his invasion of Ukraine, according to a source who was in the hall while Pence spoke to major donors to the Republican Party.

There is no place in this party to apologize for Putin. “There is no place but the heroes of liberty,” Pence said. The source said the line drew applause from donors who gathered at the Republican National Committee meeting in New Orleans. The event is closed to the press.

Pence’s speech came a few days after his speech President Donald Trump Putin has been described as a “genius” and “clever” for launching a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, where civilian casualties continue to accumulate despite global condemnation of the Russian leader’s actions.

– Source: CNN

Trump can’t stop praising Putin

According to his prepared remarks, which the source said he did not depart from on Friday, Pence called on the Biden administration to take stronger action against Russia, including imposing sanctions on the country’s oil exports.

Putin understands only strength. As members of the party that won the Cold War, Pence said, we must send a deafening message: Putin must stop or Putin must pay.

“We should demand that this administration immediately increase military spending, arm Ukraine with lethal weapons to counter Russian armor and aircraft, and President (Joe) Biden should impose sanctions on all Russian oil exports around the world,” Pence said.

During his annual appearance Conservative Political Action Conference Last weekend, Trump doubled down on his praise for the Russian president.

Yesterday, journalists asked me if I thought President Putin was smart. I said: Of course, he’s smart.

In another gently veiled criticism of Trump, who remains focused on false allegations about fraud in the 2020 presidential election, Pence, according to excerpts from his speech, encouraged Republicans to stop “bringing back to the past.”

“We cannot win by fighting yesterday’s battles,” he said. “Forgetting what’s behind us and straining toward what’s ahead, let’s continue toward the goal.”

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