Patch 2.2 has its release date

Keep in mind that Arachnid will be a special character for the PlayStation versions.

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After a long wait, Spider man Finally there is the confirmed release date Marvel’s Avengers. Wall-Crawler is next only available on PlayStation platforms November 30. In addition, Patch 2.2 comes with its release, which comes with a lot of content.

Spider-Man is coming to the game on November 30thStarting with Spider-Man, and As promised, This hero will come to the game with him Own story. According to him Official report, Let’s see Peter Parker unravel a mysterious threat and win along with the Avengers. At first, we notice that Peter has trouble working as a team, but he can later bond with Mrs. Marvel and the Black Widow.

Unfortunately, we do not have a trailer or pictures to watch on Spider-Man Game. We do not know whether its addition will be as small as it was in hockey, or a The biggest expansion, Black Panther style.

It will only be available on November 30th All versions The game gets new Raid Of the 4 players, we will be fighting against Claw. The maximum level will increase to 175 and now we can upgrade our devices by recycling other parts of the high power.

There will be another addition to this link Export, Acting as plunder boxes, around 250 parts Cosmetics. Real money can’t reach them, something to be expected after that Problem with charge incentives, And you will buy them with the money you get within the title.

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