June 29, 2022

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Paramount releases the long-awaited first trailer for the Hollow series

Picture for Paramount article releases long-awaited first trailer of Hollow series

Screenshot: Paramount

We already have the first preview of the series Halo Is the stage debut Paramount+. The trailer can be seen in the framework of the Game Awards yesterday Thursday and this is the first look at a series that promises a lot Taking into account the original material being handled In the hands.

Based on the classic science fiction video game of the same name, Halo Following the United Nations space command war against the treaty, it is an alliance of alien races that view humanity as an insult to God (shown in the first three games). Halo And preface Hail: Reach)

Let’s watch the clip:

What we do know: There will be 10 episodes in this series, in which Pablo Schreiber will play Super-Soldier Spartan Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, the famous protagonist of the games. Of course, you will not be alone. Jen Taylor will also lend her voice to Future Artificial Intelligence Assistant Cordana, and will popularly reconsider her role. Shooters In the first person, Natasha McElhone plays UNSC scientist Dr. Catherine Hulsey.

Halo Lands on Paramount + in the United States in 2022 The series is expected to launch in international markets where the service is available.