Pamela Reif Net Worth: How Many Cars Does She Owns?

She is a social media star, YouTuber, and business owner from Germany. Pamela is one of the top 10 fitness models on social media. She got a lot of attention for the workout and nutrition tips she posts on her YouTube channel, which is named after her.

Some German models are as famous as Pamela Reif, whose YouTube channel has more than 8 million subscribers. She has a solid core, toned body, and good shape. As of 2022, she is a social media star with a lot of fans all over the world.

Pamela is also very popular on Instagram, where more than 8 million people follow her. So here, we’ll talk about Pamela Reif’s income, assets, earnings, various brand organizations, luxury lifestyle, career, biography, and other interesting facts about her.

Pamela Reif’s Net Worth

In the US in 2022, Pamela Reif has a net worth of $4 million. She is one of Germany’s best fitness models and social media influencers. Her workout videos have helped her get a lot of attention. Pamela Reif makes more than $ 25,000 a month. The top source of her income comes from the fitness industry and her interests.

She makes a lot of money from her YouTube channel. She posts vlogs about her daily life and workouts, and most of her videos have gotten millions of views.

Pamela Reif Net Worth

Aside from that, she makes most of her money from commercials for supplements and fitness brands, modeling, and sponsorships, which pay her a lot. Pamela Reif makes more than $300,000 a year.

Pamela Reif Instagram

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Personal Life

Pamela Reif, a beautiful social media star, was born on July 9, 1996, in Karlsruhe, Germany, to a Christian family. She got her high school diploma from Karlsruhe in 2014. In 2022, she will be 26 years old.

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Bernd and Manuela Reif are Pamela Reif’s father and mother. She also has a brother named Dennis. As for Pamela Reif’s boyfriend, rumors say she started dating Loris Karius in (2017). Loris is a well-known German soccer player. Pamela has always been interested in sports, fitness, and things to do outside.

Height and Weight

Pamela Reif is one of the most beautiful models in Germany. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 54 kg (119 Lbs). Pamela has started her website, where she gives online workout and diet plans. She also started a healthy food brand called Naturally Pam, under which she sells natural, organic snacks.


Pamela Reif got her first job when she was 16 years old, and she later started posting about her workouts and fitness on her Instagram account. She made an Instagram account in July 2012, and in just a few months, she had a massive number of followers because she posted pictures of her food, sports, and fitness routines.

Pamela Reif Net Worth

Pamela Reif started a YouTube channel on September 16, 2013. Her first video, called “10 MIN INTENSE AB WORKOUT,” was posted that day. Later, she started posting videos about working out and eating right, along with videos of big stars like Jason Derulo, which got millions of views.

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Pamela has more than 8 million people who follow her channel as of 2022. Aside from that, Reif also wrote a book called “Strong & Beautiful.” It’s about nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle, among other things. As of 2020, Pamela Reif was at the top of Forbes’ list of “30 Under 30 DACH.

Car Collection

Pamela Reif is one of Germany’s wealthiest fitness models and YouTubers and loves driving expensive cars. She owns a car called “The BMW 5 Series,” which costs around $60,000. Let’s look at Pamela Reif’s collection of vehicles.

Pamela Reif Net Worth

The second luxury SUV in her garage is a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is thought to be worth about $87,895. Pamela also owns a Mercedes-Benz S-Class car, which costs $184,900.


After becoming a social media star, Pamela Reif became one of the best brand ambassadors, and many fitness companies want her to represent them. Pamela is a brand ambassador for PUMA, one of the world’s best-known multinational brands.

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Aside from that, she is a spokesperson for many brands, such as Shredz supplements, GHD hair straighteners, Calzedonia, Swedish fashion brand Nak-d, and many more.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is Pamela Reif So Good at What She Does?

Pamela worked on growing her brand’s following by consistently making good content (1,497 Instagram posts and counting), interacting with her fans on social media, and partnering with other brands to get a lot of exposure. Success is hard to achieve, but it’s not impossible.

Is Pamela Reif a Skilled Person?

People, safety first! She doesn’t have the proper training to be a personal trainer. We’ve asked a couple of certified PTs what they think of her sessions because of this.

What is Pamela Reif’s Age?

26 years (July 9, 1996)

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