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As 2022 begins, BlackBerry OS Will go without. From Tuesday, January 4 The following year, the Canadian company announced that the operating system that had led the world of smartphones until the advent of the iPhone and Android in the early 2000s would no longer provide support.

The news caused nostalgia and anxiety for many. The BlackBerry devices that worked on this system were a real rage many years ago, thanks to innovation – at the time – Built-in QWERTY keyboard And many other functions. But the company made a big mistake: believing that no other company could tackle it.

BlackBerry was one of the most popular cell phones in the early 2000s.

Resist the appearance of two new Titans –Android and iOS-, the brand obtained a TCL license and tested it on some Android phones, but could not bear the failure. This is why, in addition, from A message was posted on your support pagee, BlackBerry has said it will cover a good portion of its infrastructure. This may affect the functionality of BlackBerry OS 7.1 or earlier, BlackBerry 10 or Blackberry PlayBook 2.1 systems, and other tools for personal use such as BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Protect and Blackberry World.

In the same way, the company warned that even if the cell phone works properly these days, the ability to connect to the Internet or the ability to send calls and SMS will no longer work.

From gold to copper

The smartphone brand introduced the first version of the BlackBerry OS in 1999 for its ‘Pager’ BlackBerry 850 devices, which could only send short texts. However, this successful project allowed them to move towards new technological proposals, and that is how it is In 2002 they released their BlackBerry OS 3.6 version for their first and revolutionary computers. (Los BlackBerry 5810 Wireless Handheld), Allows you to respond to emails with the full keyboard, browse web pages and chat with their own program with other functions.

But the company was resting on its laurels and soon noticed that the market was really changing the sand: with the advent of iPhones and the introduction of Android, Canadians found themselves in real trouble. They released Blackberry OS 5.0 for the Blackberry Bold 9000, but their efforts were not enough.

After many failed projects in the fierce competition against Android and iOS, the company used its latest cartridge and launched the BlackBerry 10 in 2013, which seeks to permanently adapt to the new technologies of the time.

The failure of his latest attempt was a small blow to the company that tried to save itself by making BlackBerry Prive a lifeline. However, In 2016, they announced that they would stop manufacturing the smartphone and license the brand to others such as TCL., Lost these rights in February 2020. One year ago, in May 2019, The company said goodbye to the famous BlackBerry Messenger.

I have BlackBerry: How to avoid losing data

Looking forward to the tragic situation that will mark the end of this operating system for users from the BlackBerry they have provided A series of tips For Data can be moved from these devices so that it is not lost. It certainly marks the end of a site that had its golden age, but it has been disappearing for years.

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