One item was arrested for resale of consoles he had to carry – Kudasai

Japan’s Kamata District Police say carrier arrested for cheating consoles Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 5. 50-year-old suspect, Fukui Minemura, Does not have a registered permanent address or profession.


An anonymous acquaintance working for a transport company entrusted Minemura with the responsibility of delivering about 200 items. Export included Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 And physical copies of video games. The actual selling price of the goods was about 5.8 million yen (About 51 thousand US dollars) However, Minemura Tokyo resale items at thrift stores and earned 3 million yen (About 26 thousand US dollars) After arrest, Fukui Minemura She pleaded guilty to the charges against her. He said he had a financial problem because he used most of his money to bet on horse racing.

This console is a fraud case Nintendo Switch And PlayStation 5 Added further issues with distribution issues following all game consoles due to chip shortage. In early November 2021, Nintendo It has been revealed that it will produce about 20 per cent fewer units Nintendo Switch March 2022 will be 30 million to 24 million units more than the original plans. In the same way, Sony Also reduced its production forecast PlayStation 5 16 million to 15 million units. Both companies expect the widespread deficit to continue until 2022.

Source: Livedoor News | Japan

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