No one noticed that an asteroid the size of a refrigerator went close to Earth


31 October 2021 07:42 GMT

The fireball, identified as 2021 UA1, flew over Antarctica on October 24 at a speed of 57,000 kilometers per hour.

An asteroid with a diameter of two meters, the size of a refrigerator, According to 3,047 kilometers only Undetected by astronomers from the surface of our planet on October 24th.

Fireball identified as 2021 UA1, A. on Antarctica 57,000 km / h Per hour, according to the Catalina Sky Survey.

According to experts, an asteroid of this size would pose no danger because as it approaches the Earth’s atmosphere, it will often burn up and disintegrate in contact with it without affecting the surface. What is really worrying, however, is that an asteroid could come very close to our planet No one will notice until he passes.

According to astronomer Tony Dunn, what surprised scientists was that during the day the asteroid was behind the sun and did not detect its approach to Earth.

Shared simulation on the network shows how close it was.

It is the third asteroid to go very close to Earth since the close of 2020 HQ and 2020 VT4 last year, both of which pose a threat to the planet.

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