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Nippon Ichi Software | Best games : Who owns NIS America?

Nippon Ichi Software

Nippon Ichi Software

Nippon Ichi Software: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc., a subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. of Japan, began operations in North America on December 24, 2003.

Nippon Ichi America, Inc. is based in Santa Ana, California, and is responsible for the localization, marketing, and publication of Nippon Ichi titles.

Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. began as an entertainment firm in Gifu, Japan, in 1994. Since then, Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. has developed into a global corporation dedicated to developing cutting-edge video game products.

NIS America, Inc. is dedicated to promoting the industry’s most innovative and creative titles. We at NIS America, Inc. will keep working hard to provide fresh and exciting titles to our fans and new users.

Nippon Ichi Software Top 10 Games, According to Metacritic

Poison Control, the latest release from Nippon Ichi Software, has put them back in the spotlight. Disgaea, a long-running TRPG series, is the developer’s most well-known work.

They stick to the turn-based strategy genre for the most part, but they’re not afraid to branch elsewhere. And, based on Metacritic, they’re consistently good.

Only one version of each game is included on this list for variety’s sake, as NIS loves re-releases. Three versions of the original Disgaea would make the top ten if taken as is.

Nippon Ichi Software

Nippon Ichi, even without remakes, has a sizable library, and this is the finest of the crop.

Nippon Ichi Software: 75/100 Yomawari Midnight Shadows (Ps4)

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows appears to be one of Nippon Ichi’s many RPG titles on the surface. It’s survival horror, not a comedy.

Yui and Haru, two young girls struggling to survive a night where spirits are on the hunt, star in this sequel to the Vita title Yomawari: Night Alone.

Nippon Ichi Software

The game was hailed for its unique scares and graphic style. The puzzle components, on the other hand, were more polarising.

Some people thought they were excessively obtuse and frustrating, while others thought the game was too easy in comparison to its predecessor.

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Nonetheless, the majority of reviewers concluded that it was an enjoyable experience all around, and a terrific pick-up for J-horror lovers.

Nippon Ichi Software: 78/100 for Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice (Ps3)

The third Disgaea installment lies at the bottom of the list. It’s hardly a disaster, but it’s well below the other games in the franchise, with a reviewer score of 78.

Six-digit figures, mind-numbingly intricate tactics, and petite anime women are exactly what fans desire from the series. So, what exactly is the problem?

78/100 for Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (Ps3)

The graphics in the game are general

Nippon Ichi Software: 79/100 for Mad Rat Dead (Switch)

In this developer’s library, Mad Rat Dead is an outlier. It’s not even an RPG; instead, it’s a rhythm-platformer.

Players take control of a lab rat that has risen from the dead to avenge the scientist who murdered him. He must time all of his moves with the background music to make it to the end of each level.

79/100 for Mad Rat Dead (Switch)

For many, NIS’s most recent title was a refreshing change of pace. The game’s strongest aspects, according to critics, were the high-octane soundtrack and vivid aesthetics. Others, on the other hand, considered the control mechanism clumsy and inconvenient.

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ly panned in most reviews. Nippon Ichi appears to have used the same engine as in the PS2 games.

While amusing, the 2D sprites weren’t exactly cutting edge last generation, and they looked poor enough on the PS3 to be bothersome. Many people also complained that the interface was clumsy in general and that the formula was old.

Nippon Ichi Software: Tactics (PS2) by La Pucelle – 79/100

Nippon Ichi’s catalog includes La Pucelle: Tactics, which is one of the more obscure titles. It’s similar to Disgaea, but with a stronger defense focus.

Purification is the most notable mechanic, as it inhibits monsters from spawning and can even convert them to the player’s team.

Tactics (PS2) by La Pucelle – 79/100

Despite being released in Japan before the first Disgaea, it was only distributed internationally after the success of the first Disgaea.

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The two titles are sufficiently similar to be considered companion pieces. Although Disgaea is more refined, TRPG enthusiasts should give La Pucelle a chance.

Nippon Ichi Software: Dark Death Evilman Vs Z.h.p. Unlosing Ranger (PSP) – 81/100

That’s quite a phrase. This game is unique not only because of its lengthy title but also because it is NIS’s only roguelike title.

There’s just one character to control, maps are produced at random, and losing sends the player back to the beginning. Body Modification is the game’s key selling feature, where players can improve their numbers by replacing their hands with drills and other items.

Dark Death Evilman Vs Z.h.p. Unlosing Ranger (PSP) – 81/100

In Z.H.P., losing isn’t completely pointless. In a similar way to Hades, there is constant growth. It’s still a tough game with a lot of level grinding, which many reviewers found off-putting.

Nippon Ichi Software: 81/100 for Phantom Brave (Ps2)

The highest-rated non-Disgaea game on the list is Phantom Brave. It’s in the same genre as a TRPG, but with a few twists.

Transforming objects bring units to the stage, but they only stay for a few turns before disappearing. First and foremost, there is no grid. The movement of the character is measured in decimeters and is modified by slick or bumpy ground.

Dark Death Evilman Vs Z.h.p. Unlosing Ranger (PSP) – 81/100

The game’s ingenuity is also its undoing. It’s even harder than the Disgaea titles, and many critics complained about the gridless combat. It’s not a good place to start if you’re new to the genre, but it’s a classic nonetheless.

Nippon Ichi Software: 81/100 for Disgaea 5 Complete (Switch)

This is the most recent entry in the series as of April 2021. Disgaea 5 included more new features than any previous iteration, giving a “samey” franchise new life.

Players will travel through a range of Netherworld locales and develop character relationships in preparation for battle tag-team strikes.

81/100 for Disgaea 5 Complete (Switch)

The Switch version contains previously purchased DLC that was originally published for the PS4. Try playing Disgaea in Handheld Mode if you felt it was a time sink before.

Nippon Ichi Software: 84/100 for Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories (Ps2)

Cursed Memories is the first of many Disgaea sequels to come. It follows an entirely different cast of characters on an expedition to reunite the Overlord with his daughter (though Laharl, Etna, and others make significant cameos).

84/100 for Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (Ps2)

The formula of the first Disgaea isn’t changed much in the sequel. The gameplay remains the same, and the additional mechanics are minimal.

Regardless, it’s a massive TRPG with eight endings and dozens of characters. Through and through, it’s Disgaea. Gamers either adore it or can’t stop playing it because it gives them a migraine.

Nippon Ichi Software: 85/100 for Disgaea 4 Complete+ (Switch)

After the disappointment of Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten was a welcome return. The graphics engine was finally updated, and the plot is more focused on political intrigue than on previous games’ school mischief. When it was released on the PlayStation 3, it was also the first game to include online functionality.

85/100 for Disgaea 4 Complete+ (Switch)

The Switch remake incorporates certain features from Disgaea 5 to improve on an already excellent game. This series’ games are frequently remade and re-released; the initial game has six different versions. Fortunately, this appears to be the final version of this entry.

Nippon Ichi Software: 87/100 for Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (PSP)

Maybe one of those franchises that reach its pinnacle with the first game. Afternoon Of Darkness is a one-to-one port of the original PS2 game, with some added features such as an Etna side narrative.

It has all of the highs and lows of the initial release, as well as more content.

87/100 for Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (PSP)

Any game that produces four sequels and a slew of spinoffs must be doing something right. Disgaea is one of the most popular cult games on the PlayStation 2, and it catapulted Nippon Ichi to fame.

Many critics praised the game’s portability, claiming that it excels as a portable release.

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