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A lot has changed here at OverTells since our last update. For those who are interested in this project, this post will serve as a summary of the developments from the last few months. If you’re here only for Overwatch, see our other posts for the latest news. and our team

OverTells is based upon three resources;,, and the OverTells Discord bot. Over the last couple months, a considerable amount of work has gone into improving and updating the functionality of our Discord server. Our staff has also changed drastically, as we move to expand and improve our various teams. We are currently on a recruitment drive, with positions open for video editors and news team members. The more writers on our team, the faster we will be able to produce content so if you have an interest in Overwatch and in games journalism then please do apply. All of the details relating to applications can be found at this post. At the current time, all positions are voluntary, however as OverTells grows and ad revenue is generated all staff members will earn a fair wage.

OverTells on YouTube

Over on the OverTells YouTube channel, the top 5 series has been put on hold indefinitely. Currently, the focus is on Discussion videos and Funny Moments compilations. In the near future, the Top Tens series will start production. Once our infrastructure has been updated, content will release considerably more frequently. Our Discord bot will also begin posting more often, as we cover more news.