In competitive, there are many different heroes to choose from. Some are good on certain maps, and some are good all around. Based on the professional gaming scene, here's how each hero is ranked in 5 tiers!

Tier 1

In the current meta, Lucio is the most viable healer by far because of his role in dive comp. With his healing and speed boost aura, he can get his team back to battle fast and keep them healed while in a team fight. Since he can heal his entire team at once and speed up the healing rate, he is almost a must pick in dive comp.

Tracer has a lot going for her. Her survivability and speed make her a must pick in this meta. She can go in and out the fight in a flash while dealing massive damage at the same time, which annoys all of her enemies and splits their team up.

Although Doomfist is the newest hero, players have already mastered him, and he's a great pick in any team composition. A well played Doomfist fits right into the meta and can give can do a lot for your team and even get you the win. 

Tier 2

Zenyatta is another great healer for dive comp. Not only can he heal from far range, but he has his Orb of Discord, which makes enemies receive 30% more damage so the enemy team's best player can be taken out quickly. He has proven himself to be more effective than even Ana because of his Orb of Discord and his huge damage output. 

Soldier can never be a bad choice. No one will ever complain because of a Soldier:76 on their team. He has his high damage and range, which makes him an expert at taking out meta heroes like Pharah. Not only that, but he can heal himself and his team at the same time. But his ultimate, Tactical Visor, is where he shines. He can easily take out other heroes that are using their ultimates like Genji or Pharah, and he can take out crucial targets like healers.

Genji's mobility and his survivability, like Tracer, is what makes his amazing is this meta. He can isolate and take out targets like healers and snipers with ease and keep an objective contested for an extended amount of time while waiting for the rest of his team to come back.

Although nerfed not too long ago, Ana will always be viable. She has a huge healing range and can use her Nano Boost to help a teammate wipe the enemy team. Her Biotic Grenade stops an enemy from being healed which can work like Zenyatta's Orb of Discord because they can be taken out very easily.

Just like Soldier:76, McCree is a great counter to Pharah, but his range is limited because of his damage falloff. But unlike Soldier, he can take out high mobility heroes like Tracer or Genji. And his ultimate can take out many targets instantly as long he has high ground and isn't noticed by his enemies.

This monkey is a staple in dive meta. He can jump directly on an enemy healer and take them out within seconds. As long he is supported, Winston can't be beaten. But his ultimate can save games because of the massive knockback and the extended amount of time his ultimate is active, which can knock enemies off the objective long enough to end the round or game

It will be interesting to see how D.Va will fit in with her new changes, but currently, she is a must pick in dive comp because of her Defense Matrix. She can render ultimates like Pharah's Barrage or Soldier's Tactical Visor useless, saving her team

Tier 3

Since Sombra is both useful as a DPS and a support, she is seen fairly often in competitive. Her hacking ability makes her and her teammates able to kill priority targets much easier. Her hacking can also stop an enemy from using their ultimate long enough that they can be killed before being able to use it again.

Reaper is thought to be one of the easiest heroes in Overwatch, but that doesn't mean he can't be effective. He kills tanks with ease and is healing himself while doing it, making him self-sustaining. And he can escape to his healers whenever he needs to with his Wraith form.

With her new changes coming up, we will see how much more or less viable she will be in the meta. Right now at least, she fits into most team comps because she can fly to any of her teammates to heal or boost them and she can save games with her Resurrect ability. 

This flying killer is nearly a must pick in dive comp in certain situations. She has high survivability, even with hard counters such as McCree or Soldier:76. But since the Pharah and Mercy combo is still popular, that is another reason she is viable in his meta.

While not a must pick, Reinhardt is still a great choice for holding chokes protecting on the payload and on point. He can deal a lot of damage and combo his ultimate well with his many other hero's ultimates. 

Tier 4

Junkrat's recent buffs have greatly increased his mobility and survivability. Despite that, he still isn't consistent enough with his damage to be apart of the meta. Heroes with more accuracy are picked more often than a hero with inconsistent aim and damage.

Zarya is still a decent choice in some team compositions because of how well she combos with other hero's ultimates. Her shields keep her and her teammates alive while making her have a higher damage output.

Mei's slowing and freezing abilities keep her a good pick, especially on KOTH maps. She can separate enemies from their team with her Ice Wall, which makes them an easy target for Mei and her team. And her ultimate is very effective when a point is being taken over or when the match is ending. 

Widow is an interesting pick. If she is played well and consistently kills, she is effective, but she can be countered easily. This makes her pick rate not too high on certain maps with a lot of close quarter areas. 

Even with his new buff, Roadhog just isn't as effective as he was when he had his one-shot hook. This doesn't make him bad, though. His new improvements increase his mobility and make his receive less damage while healing. But most players agree that even with these changes, he just will never be the same. 

Bastion is only picked on certain maps with good places for him to set up and hold choke points. As long as he is protected very well, he can output insane amounts of damage and shut down an entire team multiple time over. But if he is consistently taken out, which isn't very hard with some heroes, he just can't do his job.

Hanzo is like Widowmaker in the sense that he is picked a decent amount, but is easily countered. His mobility is a lot better than Widow, but he has to be at much closer ranges to be effective. He has to played by people who know how to play him. Not just any player can pick up Hanzo like you can with Soldier.

With her turrets and lock on beam of death, Symmetra is a great choice on any choke points. As long as you spread out her turrets, she works very well on defense. Her teleporter and shield generator keep her in the meta, though. They can save games and make killing of her teammates less consistent.

This four-legged beast is another great choice for choke points and is a great combo for Torbjorn and his turret. But her low mobility makes her one of the least played tanks in the game. Although she just received buffs, it hasn't done enough for her.

Tier 5

Torbjorn gets his own tier. He is only played on certain maps at a certain time and can be easily countered and made useless. His turret is good at long ranges, but as soon as a hero gets close enough, it is easy to take out. While his armor is helpful and his ultimate is very strong, he will never fit into the meta if he doesn't get massive changes or if the meta doesn't shift. Poor Torbjorn :(