It has been well over a year since Overwatch was released, and over 35 million players have joined the fight! Now, as a special Black Friday deal, Blizzard has cut the price in half for all versions of the game. New players can purchase digital copies of Overwatch and Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition from the Shop, Playstation store or Xbox Live Marketplace for 50% of the original price.

The world could always use more heroes! - Source: Blizzard

The offer will run until November 27th, so if you're ready to join the rapidly growing community, be sure to snap this deal up quick. If you really want to commit, the Game of the Year Edition comes with all maps, heroes and game modes, but also an added bonus of extra content and Overwatch themed extras for various other Blizzard titles. If you already own the standard edition of the game, you can upgrade to the GOTY Edition for just an extra $10!