A lot of excitement came from the Overwatch Halloween event last month. Though, alongside the new skins, emotes and other cosmetics, came a change that not everyone was pleased about. Ultimate abilities can now be fully interrupted, depleting the meter and leaving the player with zero charge. Before this update, dying or being stunned whilst using your ult would cost you only a little of your charge, allowing you to recover, come back and try again once you'd respawned.

Mei's Ultimate has been affected by this change | Source: Blizzard

Now, however, regardless of what character you play, an interruption to your ultimate means trouble. Whether you are D.Va calling in a mech, or Lucio trying to break it down, all it takes is one well-placed flashbang to set you back to 0%. Blizzard claimed to change the way ultimate interruptions worked based on complaints that characters were not being punished enough for their deaths in the game. Killing a Genji as he ults, only to see him sprint back in and tear your team apart with his Dragonblade seconds later, was particularly irritating for some players.

Understandably, players are upset by this change, as some characters are more affected. What is a minor inconvenience for some, is a big problem to others, particularly those with projectile based ultimates. Characters like Mei, Tracer, and D.Va are now experiencing odd situations where their ultimate will be deployed, but due to their death, seems to vanish into thin air. They then respawn with no charge at all, despite seeing their ultimate clearly thrown and in-game. Blizzard's decision to have them simply cease to exist because the player died has provoked some backlash, and players took to the overwatch forums and Reddit to discuss the controversial changes.

"Seriously, immediately losing all ult charge on every hero is garbage because it's not the same for everyone. I get complaints on some heroes before, but one size fits all was NOT the solution whatsoever." - 'pandapoops2' - Reddit

"The community only wanted it for Genji, Reinhardt, and Hanzo and they took it from everyone" - Sexy-seanpaul - Reddit

D.va calls for her mech, but due to a slight interruption, was left without mech or any ult charge. - User eskaNOT reddit