Blizzard recently announced that they will be releasing a new set of gaming peripherals inspired by none other, than D.Va, the female Esports extraordinaire from Overwatch.

New D.Va MEKA Headset | Source: Razer Twitter

The new gear will not only just be colored in the tune of Diva, but the new MEKA headset will actually be shaped in the iconic style we have come to know and love, of her actual character’s headset. The headset will feature an omnidirectional mic, in-line communication controls, and compatibility with other consoles, and mobile devices that sport a headphone jack. The headset will sell for a mere 80$ USD, which is considerably cheaper than the Overwatch ManO’War which is priced at 109$ USD.

New D.Va Razer Abyssus Elite Mouse and Mousepad | Source: Razer Twitter

Still heavily following the D.Va’s sci-fi bubblegum, the new Razer Abyssus Elite mouse sports 7,200 DPI, 220 IPS tracking, and Razer Chroma lighting effects. It will only set you back 60$ USD, compared to the 80$ USD Overwatch Razer Deathadder Elite. In addition, the D.Va inspired Razer Goliathus mousepad will provide a smooth surface, and accurate tracking for players, at the cost of only 20$ USD.

D’Va Razer Kit | Source: Razer Twitter

Razer and Blizzard already have a long history of creating licensed gear for players, and with the release of this new set of D’Va gear, we can expect to see streamers and cosplayers make use of these new flashy designs. It going to be interesting to see what Blizzard and Razer release next.