On November 8th, the Overwatch community was notified of the tragic passing of Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka. Dennis was an esports veteran, founder of IDDQD and later went on to play for Team EnVyUs. When his contract with EnVyUs ran out, Hawelka instead became one of the very few player coaches for the various professional teams. He worked with Laser Kittenz and Rogue, and finally Team Liquid. Hawelka was a prominent player, described in a statement from the Overwatch League as, "more than just an accomplished player and coach – he was a friend, a confidant, someone people looked towards for guidance and support. He reached out to those around him, drew them in and built them up"

Since his passing, Blizzard has placed a small tribute to Dennis in Overwatch. The addition of a burning candle and white flower on a shelf, along with INTERNETHULK's initials, can be found in the attackers spawn on the Eichenwalde map. Dennis was a German National, so it seems only fitting to have his tribute here, on the 'Crusader Stehen Wache' poster by the beer kegs. 

A small memorial for Dennis

In his memory, the Overwatch League have also introduced The Dennis Hawelka Award. This will be given at the end of each season to the player that has shown the most positive impact on the Overwatch community. 

"From all of us here at the Overwatch League and Blizzard Entertainment, we send our deepest condolences to Dennis’ loved ones. His intelligence, generosity and friendship will never be forgotten." - Blizzard

A respected coach, player, and friend - Source