Kobolds and Catacombs Reveals Unearthed

Blizzard has teamed up with the Hearthstone community to bring us a treasure full of card reveals!


Behind every twist and turn of Hearthstone's upcoming expansion, there lurk dangerous dungeon dwellers and be careful of tricky traps, too! Blizzard gathered a party of Hearthstone community members to bring to light all the lavish loot and malicious minions they have discovered while venturing deep into the catacombs. Check out the days and times below, and click the images to portal directly over to their channels!

11/21 2AM PST 11/21 7AM PST 11/21 8AM PST 11/21 10AM PST
11/21 7PM PST 11/22 7AM 11/22 8AM PST 11/22 12PM PST
11/22 7PM PST 11/23 3AM PST 11/23 6AM PST 11/23 7AM PST
11/23 11PM PST 11/24 4AM PST 11/24 7AM PST 11/24 12PM PST
11/24 7PM PST 11/24 11PM PST 11/25 4AM PST 11/25 12PM PST
11/25 7PM PST 11/26 2AM PST 11/26 9AM PST 11/26 7PM PST

The schedule for Week 2 will be posted on Friday, November 24 PST!

An overview of all cards can be seen here.