New details came to light

Information about the franchise’s next game, Resident Evil Apocalypse, has been circulating for a long time. More details about it are out now.

For a few days now, Resident Evil has been sounding the name of Apocalypse Capcom’s next game. After admiring the village, fans of this owner may be surprised to find a new title. Recently, some documents containing exclusive information about this future video game were leaked and shared by websites such as ResetEra.

Apparently, the title Resident Evil Apocalypse appears to be temporary. In this way, it means that the name may change over time. As these documents and various websites reveal, the title will be “Resident Evil in the West” which will introduce new dynamics to add even more descriptive richness to the player experience.

Details revealed

In this way, this video game was found to be a survival and horror experience of a third party, which would introduce a kind of collective structure. This means there will be a “confidence” mechanic who will help players find biological weapons among our team members.

Where will the action take place? It seems to be happening in a haunted city. At this point, players will again encounter different enemies taken from folk tales such as Wendigo or Aduman. The source of inspiration for this game may be a ritual book, although it is not yet known whether this is based on a book written by Adam LG Neville or a different novel. This installment will be used as the “final chapter” to cover the stories of the “ancient characters”. With this, the Resident Evil Apocalypse will definitely provide a unique experience.

Of course, these leaked documents have not yet been confirmed. Therefore, they should be taken as mere rumors. While we wait for the official details about this video game, fans can enjoy Resident Evil 8: Village on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and PS5.

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