Netflix announces acquisition of “Stranger Things” game developer Next Games

Netflix has made clear its intention to invest in the television industry. Video game A long time ago, they acted in that way by announcing their acquisition of the game developer company Next games More than $ 71 million.

This Finnish company was responsible for creating titles based on success stories “Stranger Things” Or “The Walking Dead”And is currently working on “many new projects based on globally beloved owners”.

If the acquisition of the streaming platform is confirmed, it will be an important step on the path to becoming a major player in the gaming world, after announcing in November last year that users of its mobile platform will be able to play video games. .

The two companies were contracted.

To expand this service, the company is looking to acquire NextGames and enhance the internal capabilities of its video game studio.

“The pace of integration in the field of games and entertainment is increasing, and the board of directors is working together with one of the largest entertainment companies in the world to see clear benefits for the next games,” said Beatre Neemi, chairman of Next’s board of directors. Games.

This is not the first acquisition by Netflix to enter the video game industry Bought a night school studio last yearDeveloper of Actionfree and After Party.

Official report

Michael Verd, Vice President, Netflix Games, welcomed him to the gaming team with an official statement: “The next game has an experienced management team with a solid track record with mobile games based on the owners’ entertainment and strong performance capabilities.

The next game was a game inspired by the popular series “Stranger Things”.

“We’re excited to join the next games on Netflix Leading research and key talent market in a strategic regionExpands the capabilities of our in-game gaming studio, “Verd said, adding that they will strive to” create a portfolio of world-class games. “

Teomu Huuhtanen, CEO of NextGames, said: “Joining Netflix, the world’s largest streaming service, provides an opportunity for a logical and exciting continuation of our strategy of creating world-class interactive experiences.”

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