More than 1,500 locations and even a search engine

If you are addicted to the Elton Ring, here is the best help for your adventures in the Middle Lands, with a very complete map and all the major attractions for free!

Of course for everyone Video game fans We do not have to explain to you that you follow us every day The Elton Ring is the phenomenon of the moment In industry, we have to put the most slanderous in a situation This is an action roll-flaming title created by FramSoftware And was released a few weeks ago by Bandai Namco, which is based in part on its success A vast world called the Central Lands And players can explore it freely.

In fact, it’s true if it reminds you The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Because you are on the right track Five years after Nintendo’s best game, it seems we finally have a successor It picks up the glove and allows itself to develop from this concept, surprising critics with what already exists Probably the best scan in the whole industry Video Games.

Elton Ring

Undoubtedly, the Elton Ring is the phenomenon of the moment in the world of video games.

It’s not so easy to enjoy these titles anyway, you’re the ones who played Wild breath Or are you now immersed in conspiracies? Elton Ring You may have already realized it Knowing all the details and secrets of these great maps is a complex and arduous taskResolved somewhat by grace points or teleportation but not always Heavy in terms of time due to having to travel long distances.

Anyway, here is the first one for us An application for Android that tries to make your experience easier With the Elton Ring, keep it at your disposal Complete unofficial map from MapGenie It’s collaborative and growing day by day, with more details on the game that Explorers will discover:

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Currently, these free apps have over 50,000 downloads, providing capability for Elton Ring Players. Quickly find locations on the game mapIn addition to showing us over 70 types including bosses, dungeons and long variety Perfect location for over 1,500 game items Such as keys, weapons, quests or jars.

Moreover, all of these are growing day by day, and even more so We can configure the map based on our progress By MapGenie websiteAs the apps sync, the story can be followed more conveniently.

They launch the free app with the full map of the Elton Ring: over 1,500 locations and even a search engine

Even if Allows annotationsMark our own places and do something like this Database of our points of interest In the central lands.

The next thing, according to the developers, will be Includes underground maps of the game This genius is not there yet, although in a few weeks we can already enjoy it The most complete graphical guide to the Elton ring And in a completely free way.

We have already said that the game From the software And Bandai Now a mass event, with Dark Souls Creator SignatureHidetaka Miyazaki, With George R. R. MartinAuthor of a series Song of ice and fire Ended up being the nucleus of the Game of Thrones. With these wickers Only one piece of jewelry can come out What Here at AlfaBetaJuega our colleagues analyze you in detail.

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